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Plumbers liability insurance allows businesses to protect their finances in the event of unexpected damage or injury caused by work activities. Our Tradesman Saver insurance package not only includes public liability cover to protect against injuries or property damage caused to third parties, but products liability too. Consequently, if a service you’ve supplied, fitted or sold causes harm, your business is safeguarded. We also offer financial loss, employee’s liability insurance, and tools and equipment cover. No matter what incidents happen while you’re working, your livelihood is protected at all costs.

Why do you need plumbers business insurance?

The plumbing profession isn’t risk-free. All it takes is an ill-fitted pipe or tap to cause severe water damage to a client’s property. While the equipment you use daily also poses danger, like hearing loss from noisy tools, or particles and chemicals causing damage to you or your customers’ eyes. You can do your best to ensure your operations are safe, but sometimes accidents happen. As such, a plumbers liability insurance policy helps to protect your business should an incident lead to repair costs or legal fees.

At Tradesman Saver, it doesn’t matter whether you specialise in new home installations or provide maintenance to domestic, commercial or industrial buildings, we keep the cost of our policies low to give every business the cover it deserves.

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What’s included with our Automatic Cover

How our plumbers insurance works

When shopping around for the right plumbers insurance for your business, there’s a lot to consider. But the most important aspect is public liability insurance. This is the foundation of any policy, covering injury to third parties or damage to their property and protecting you should a client or member of the public make a claim against you. This covers situations including:

  • Water damage to a property caused by a leak
  • A client falling over equipment you’ve left in their home
  • Bodily harm or property damage as a result of a product you’ve fitted


Why do you need plumbers insurance?

Working as a plumber requires expert knowledge of various plumbing systems, and the know-how to remove and install equipment. However, while keeping your clients safe is a top priority, what about your business? Health and safety is just as important for you as it is for your clients. As such, a comprehensive plumbers insurance policy will ensure every eventuality is covered.

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How much does plumber’s insurance cost?

The cost of your plumbers insurance depends on numerous factors, including the amount of cover you need, the type of business and risks associated, and even your location. Other elements like the number of employees you hire and how long you’ve been a plumber may influence the price too.

Our Tradesman Saver policy for plumbers includes many additional covers at no extra cost!  These covers include legal expenses, financial loss and accidental death cover. Many other insurance provider charge you extra for things like legal expenses insurance but with Tradesman Saver we include this valuable cover for FREE.

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Plumber’s insurance quote examples

£21.84 / month £248.04 / year A gas safe plumbing and heating engineer working on domestic, retail and small commercial properties
  • Sole Trader
  • No employees
  • 5 years experience
  • Based in Manchester
  • No claims

Automatic Covers

  • Public Liability £1,000,000
  • Financial Loss £10,000
  • Products Liability £1,000,000
  • Legal Expenses £250,000
  • Accidental Death £10,000

Optional Covers

  • Business Contents Not Insured
  • Personal Accident Not Insured
  • Employers Liability Not Insured
  • Tools / Equipment Not Insured
  • Contract Works Not Insured
  • Professional Indemnity Not Insured
£78.40 / month £890.92 / year A plumbing, heating and air conditioning contractor working on domestic, retail and small commercial properties
  • Limited Company
  • 2 Employees
  • 5 years experience
  • Based in London
  • No claims

Automatic Covers

  • Public Liability £2,000,000
  • Financial Loss £10,000
  • Products Liability £2,000,000
  • Legal Expenses £250,000
  • Accidental Death £10,000

Optional Covers

  • Business Contents Not Insured
  • Personal Accident Not Insured
  • Employers Liability £10,000,000
  • Tools / Equipment £1,000
  • Contract Works Not Insured
  • Professional Indemnity Not Insured

The above quote examples were taken from our online system on 12/11/21.  These are real quotes but your own personal quote will vary dependent upon your circumstances and the level of cover you require.

What is the excess under a plumber’s insurance policy?

Most insurance policies will be subject to an excess.  This is the amount you will be expected to pay in the event of a claim.  Detailed below are the standard excesses under a Tradesman Saver policy but you should check your own quotation to see exactly what excesses apply to your policy as these may vary dependent upon the type of work you do.

Insurance coverExcess
Public Liability£500(£750 for use of heat)
Products Liability£550(£750 for use of heat)
Employers LiabilityNo Excess
Financial Loss10% of claim value(£2,500 minimum)
Professional Indemnity10% of claim value(£2,500 minimum)
Contract Works£250(£500 Theft/Malicious Damage)
Tools / Equipment£100(£250 Unattended vehicle)
Legal ExpensesNo Excess

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What does plumbers insurance cover?

Our Tradesman Saver package is ideal for your plumbing business, covering more than just the basics, as you also benefit from financial loss, legal expenses, accidental death and personal accident insurance as standard. This offers you an all-rounder package available at an affordable price you’ll struggle to find elsewhere. While our optional covers include things like:

  • Employers liability insurance
  • Short term income protection
  • Business contents

Get in touch with us to discuss the insurance policy your company needs.

How long does plumbers insurance last?

Generally, our packages at Tradesman Saver are taken out on a twelve month basis. This can be paid annually or in monthly instalments, and is eligible for yearly renewal. Claims for damages or injury can be made at any point as long as you provide proof of policy at that given time.

Is plumbers insurance necessary?

As with any profession involving tradesmen, plumbers do essential work, which, if done incorrectly, could lead to serious damage or injury to the customer, property and even the worker themselves. Should an accident occur due to your activities, your business will be held financially responsible, and failing to have an insurance policy could put your whole business on the line. Plumbers liability insurance provides financial security ensuring your company is protected if a costly claim is made against you.

How do I make a claim on my plumbers insurance policy?

In order to make a claim on your plumbers insurance policy, you need to get in touch with your provider as soon as possible. When completing your form, ensure you’re within the time limits of your policy and that it covers the type of claim involved. It’s also a good idea to find out what the excess is so you’re aware of what the insurer will deduct from the claim.

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