A+ Rated Insurance Protection

Reliable insurance policies you can trust

In simple terms, taking out a policy with Tradesman Saver means that you’re covered by a financially stable insurance company, who you can rely upon to pay out whenever you make a valid claim.

All Tradesman Saver policies are underwritten by Covéa Insurance, which is the UK division of the French Covéa mutual insurance group, which has been awarded an A+ Stable Standard & Poor’s rating.

Standard & Poor’s is a business intelligence corporation and source of independent credit ratings, which are often used by financial investors and other market participants to measure a company’s creditworthiness. A Standard & Poor’s rating is issued as a letter that reflects the credit rating. On this scale, an “A” rating shows a strong capacity for the business to meet its financial commitments, with an “A+” signaling that Covéa Insurance has a high relative standing within this category.


Why do I need A+ rated insurance?

An A+ rating indicates that an insurance company is considered one of the best performing in its industry in terms of creditworthiness. Comparatively, those with “C” or “D” ratings are deemed incredibly weak, and far more likely to experience financial failure or even shut down altogether. Of course, when you’re looking for a company to bail you out in times of trouble, the last thing you want is to be stuck with one that’s unable to pay up.

On the other hand, choosing Tradesman Saver will guarantee that your livelihood is protected by a company that can be relied on for financial support after any unexpected accidents or incidents. What’s more, many clients will refuse to hire a tradesman unless they can prove that their insurance coverage comes from an A-rated provider, at least. We’re proud to work with Covéa Insurance, a company that demonstrates excellent financial strength, and provides the top-quality protection your business needs to succeed.

In 2018, Covéa Insurance served over 2 million policyholders in the UK, generating £765 million in premiums.

2 million policyholders in the UK
765.1 million pounds in premiums in 2018
over 60 years trading experience in the UK
Standard & Poor’s A+ Stable rating as a guaranteed subsidiary of Covéa

We decided to partner with Covéa due to the company’s strength, stability, excellent reputation and 60-year trading history. As a result, we are confident that Tradesman Saver customers will always receive insurance premiums of the highest quality, enabling them to safeguard their business no matter what life throws their way.

Please note that the Legal Expenses section of the Tradesman Saver policy is underwritten by A+ Rated Arag plc.

How our a+ rated insurance protection works

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