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Business Contents Insurance

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Tradesman Saver’s Business Contents Cover

Our Business Contents cover includes:

  • Up to £20,000 all risks cover
  • Cover available in multiples of £5,000
  • Contents covered at the premises in connection with your business
  • Base cover includes public liability insurance

Business contents insurance can be purchased as an optional cover as part of your Tradesman Saver policy package.

As part of this standard package, you also get public liability and products liability cover to provide protection should your business activities or products injure somebody, as well as cover for up to £250,000 worth of legal expensesThis also protects you in a wide range of scenarios, like the accidental death of an employee or if you face action over financial losses caused to a third party.

Our business contents insurance cover starts at £5,000 and can be increased in steps of £5,000 as needed – and up to £20,000. Should you need higher limits of cover, give us a call, and we’ll be happy to arrange a suitable package. 

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What is business contents insurance?

As a trade business owner, you will likely rely on equipment like PCs and telephones to run your company on a day-to-day basis. However, if any of these are stolen or damaged beyond repair, it can make it extremely difficult to continue operating. Not only would it affect your ability to keep things running efficiently, but could also lead to unexpected costs that make a huge dent in your bottom line.

Business contents insurance is designed to cover items you rely onexcluding any tools and equipment you use on the job, like hammers, screwdrivers, and drills—should the worst come to the worst. Items covered include PCs, desks, furniture, and telephone systems. Tradesman Saver gives you wide-ranging, all risks cover if this equipment is stolen, destroyed, or damaged.

Why do you need business contents insurance?

What would you do if your home office was destroyed by a fire and you lost all of your business equipment?  Or if your premises were broken into and the entire contents were stolen? Either way, you would be left without this vital equipment, and forced to foot a hefty bill to replace it. This is exactly why business contents insurance is so important.

Having business contents insurance in place ensures that, should your business contents be destroyed, damaged, or stolen, your insurer will pay the replacement costs. Meaning your business remains ship-shape and your projects run on time.

Please note that business contents insurance is an optional cover that you can add to your policy.

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Business Contents Insurance: Frequently Asked Questions

What does business content insurance cover?

Business contents insurance covers you if your business contents are lost, stolen, or damaged. Situations that might result in a claim include theft, malicious damage, fires, flooding, and lightning or storm damage.

Does regular business insurance cover contents?

Whether your standard business insurance policy covers the contents of your business premises depends on the insurer and the type of cover you have chosen. You may need to take out an additional business contents insurance policy to ensure you are fully protected. Here at Tradesman Saver, we can provide business contents insurance to protect your business assets, including stock, equipment, and computers.

What does business contents insurance not cover?

Business contents insurance generally does not cover deterioration or wear and tear, intentional damage, or loss of money or documents. It also doesn’t usually provide protection against consequential losses such as loss of income due to a claim being made. However, if you’re looking for more information on exactly what your business contents insurance will cover, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our experienced team.

Why is business contents insurance important?

Many business owners overlook their contents, and focus on covers like public liability and legal expenses instead. But without investing in business contents insurance, your company could be seriously hampered if you suddenly find yourself without essential office equipment like your PCs and telephones. You may be unable to afford any replacements, potentially forcing you to let clients down. Even if you can afford them, this will still eat into your hard-earned profits. Business contents insurance ensures that you’ll never be faced with these predicaments.

How much does business contents insurance cost?

You can add business contents insurance to your Tradesman Saver policy for as little as £13. This is based on £5,000 of cover for a sole trader with 5 years trading experience and based in Devon The final cost of your policy will depend on factors like the level of cover you select, the location of your premises, and the type of business you run.

Can I get business contents insurance only?

No, business contents insurance is only available as an optional extension to our standard policy, which includes financial loss, products liability, legal expenses, and accidental death cover. Here at Tradesman Saver, we are proud to offer some of the most comprehensive insurance policies and lowest rates to protect your business. Our policies can be tailored to meet the needs of most trades, so you can feel confident that you have all the cover you need. So why not add business contents insurance to your policy today? It’s quick and easy – just get in touch with one of our friendly team members who will be more than happy to provide you with a quote.

Does business contents include office contents insurance?

Again, while this depends on your exact policy wording, you can get business contents insurance to protect equipment in your office, including office furniture. This type of cover also protects any items that you may need to carry out your business activities, such as laptops or other computer equipment. If you’re a tradesperson, than it’s likely you’ll be on the move, even if you do have a permanent office location. The flexibility of business contents insurance means you can protect your specialist equipment, computers, work phones and more while on the job.

How does business contents insurance work for a mobile business?

If you’re a mobile business, such as a hairdresser or other kind of tradesperson, then business contents insurance will cover the items you take with you on the job. This includes specialist equipment, computers, work phones and more. Depending on your policy wording, it could even cover damage to items while they’re in transit or at a customer’s premises.

Does business contents insurance cover personal belongings?

Typically, business insurance won’t protect your personal belongings, even if they are damaged or stolen while on the job. To cover personal items, you’ll need to take out personal contents insurance. At Tradesman Saver, we can provide cover for a wide range of tools and equipment types, so we may be able to provide tailored cover which includes some of your personal belongings you regularly use on-site.

What does business contents insurance not cover?

Business contents insurance typically won’t cover damage caused by wear and tear or maintenance issues. It generally also won’t cover money, contracts and documents that have been lost or damaged. Generally, these would be covered by a business interruption insurance policy. Additionally, some types of damage may be excluded due to the specific conditions of your policy. It’s important to thoroughly review the terms and conditions of any policy before you take it out.

How much cover do I need for a small business?

The amount of cover you need for your small business depends on the value of the equipment that you possess. It’s important to consider the cost of replacing all equipment, as well as any associated costs such as installation and removal. Your insurance should cover the full replacement cost of all items – so make sure you accurately assess the value before taking out a policy.

Does Tradesman Saver offer business contents and stock cover?

Yes, we can. While the bulk of our policy documents are geared towards tradespeople, we may be able to offer combined commercial cover to protect your stock. Commercial contents insurance is usually introduced as part of a larger, more comprehensive policy, than purchased on its own. If you’re not sure whether you need this stock insurance, don’t hesitate to get in touch today. We may be able to offer business contents insurance quotes at significantly lower prices than you’re already paying.

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