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Tradesman Saver’s Public Liability Cover For Electricians

Our standard cover is:

  • £1 million cover for public and products liability (with an option to increase to £2 million, £5 million or £10 million)
  • £10,000 cover for any financial loss (£50K cover optional)
  • Worldwide liability cover for temporary work abroad for up to 14 days (excluding the USA and Canada)

There are many insurance options which would benefit your electrician business, and public liability is one of the most significant. This protects you if your work ends up damaging a client’s property or injuring a client or member of the public. For example, you may need to pay compensation if a client trips over your tools and is injured or you accidentally damage a customer’s carpet with your muddy work boots.

Claims like these can cost a small fortune but having public liability cover means you won’t be responsible for paying any of the resulting expenses. You can purchase this as part of our automatic package, which also covers you for financial loss, legal expenses, and more.

Other relevant insurance policies for an electrician business include employers liability cover. Employers liability cover is a legal requirement for anybody who employs staff. Another essential electricians’ insurance is professional indemnity insurance. Professional indemnity insurance is designed to cover your legal costs and other legal expenses in the event that your work causes injury to individuals or property. Here at Tradesman Saver, we have all the main covers you may need as part of your electricians’ insurance, and you can get your quote online in minutes.

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What is electrician insurance?

As an electrician, your job can be pretty dangerous. Whether you work in the residential or industrial sector, when you work with electricity for a living, sometimes you’ll find yourself in for a shock. Your insurance needs to reflect the risks you face on a daily basis – a generic policy just won’t cut it.

It’s not just the work involved in being an electrician that can be a bit of a live-wire – even trying to find the right insurance to suit you can be an exhausting task in itself. You get bombarded by so many different insurance terms, that in the end, you can often end up more confused than when you started. However, it really isn’t that complicated – the only cover you really need to know about is public liability insurance.

Why do you need electrician insurance?

Think of public liability insurance as the backbone of your insurance policy – it provides protection from claims that arise from injury to a third party or damage to their property, including claims made by either your clients or members of the public.

Here at Tradesman Saver, we believe that every business is unique and should be treated as such. We’ve put together our most important covers, relevant to your trade, in one policy, allowing you to build the cover you need from scratch with our online quote form. Whether you’re looking for employers liability insurance, public liability insurance cover, tools insurance or self-employed insurance, make sure it’s Tradesman Saver. It’s comprehensive insurance for electricians made simple.

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How much does electrician’s insurance cost?

The cost of your electricians insurance can vary depending upon a number of different things including the type of electrical work you do, where you work, how long you have been trading and the size of your business.  You can also select additional covers which can affect the price of your insurance.

Our Tradesman Saver policy for electricians includes lots of extra covers as standard, including legal expenses, financial loss and accidental death cover. You can also add on extra cover such as employers liability and electricians professional indemnity insurance.  This gives you some of the widest coverage available at a price that you’ll find hard to beat elsewhere.

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Prices start from £53.76

Electrician’s insurance quote examples

£53.76 / year An electrical contractor working on domestic and small commercial properties
  • Sole Trader
  • No employees
  • 3 years experience
  • Based in Liverpool
  • No claims

Automatic Covers

  • Public Liability £1,000,000
  • Financial Loss £10,000
  • Products Liability £1,000,000
  • Legal Expenses £250,000
  • Accidental Death £10,000

Optional Covers

  • Business Contents Not Insured
  • Personal Accident Not Insured
  • Employers Liability Not Insured
  • Tools / Equipment Not Insured
  • Contract Works Not Insured
  • Professional Indemnity Not Insured
£38.88 / month £436.80 / year An electrical contractor working on domestic and commercial properties
  • Limited Company
  • 2 Employees
  • 5 years experience
  • Based in Cornwall
  • No claims

Automatic Covers

  • Public Liability £5,000,000
  • Financial Loss £10,000
  • Products Liability £5,000,000
  • Legal Expenses £250,000
  • Accidental Death £10,000

Optional Covers

  • Business Contents Not Insured
  • Personal Accident Not Insured
  • Employers Liability £10,000,000
  • Tools / Equipment £1,000
  • Contract Works Not Insured
  • Professional Indemnity £100,000

The above quote examples were taken from our online system on 30/01/24 and include insurance premium tax but exclude our £5 admin charge.  These are real quotes but your own personal quote will vary dependent upon your circumstances and the level of cover you require.

Insurance cover Excess
Public Liability £250
Products Liability £250
Employers Liability No Excess
Financial Loss 10% of claim value(£2,500 minimum)
Professional Indemnity £250
Contract Works £250(£500 Theft/Malicious Damage)
Tools / Equipment £100(£250 Unattended vehicle)
Legal Expenses No Excess

Chosen by over 5000 businesses and counting *

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    Online & Anywhere

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    Monthly Instalments

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  • Added protection

    Added Protection

    Public liability, products liability, financial loss, legal expenses and accidental death cover as standard.

* Total number of live policies as of 31/01/2024

Industrial Electrician

As well as residential and commercial electricians, we also offer cover for industrial electricians too – just select the relevant trade that applies to you on our online quote form.

Don’t Let Yourself Be Shocked By An Accident

Trade jobs are, at their core, usually pretty risky anyway. But when you work with electricity and potentially live wires, for a living, you know that risk can be increased tenfold, which is why it’s so important to make sure you have all the cover you need in place to keep you safe. Here are but a couple of situations where having insurance could keep you safe, and save you from getting a nasty shock:


A real live wire

You’ve been working on a job at a client’s house, re-wiring the place. You install a switch in their property, but later find out that the client has been electrocuted – which turns out to be from a faulty switch you installed. This is where your products liability insurance could really help to save the day – through it, your insurer will settle the claim with the injured party, and then chase the manufacturer of the switch to reclaim these losses on your behalf, so the wrong person doesn’t get blamed for something that wasn’t their fault.

The trouble with cables

You’re on a job, re-wiring a property for your client. But, unfortunately, as you’re hard at work, your client accidentally trips over some cables you’ve left out and badly injures themselves. They claim compensation against you for their injury. But, don’t fret – this is the sort of tough situation where your public liability really comes in handy. With it, your insurer will pay the costs of the compensation claim, which means you can spend a little less time worrying about what’s to come, and more time focusing on the future.

Electricians Insurance: Frequently Asked Questions

What Does Electrical Contractors Insurance Cover?

Electrical contractors’ insurance typically covers third-party property damage claims, general liability coverage for bodily injury and property damage, workers’ compensation insurance to cover employee injuries, and protection for equipment and tools.

Here at Tradesman Saver, we provide complete coverage to protect you and your business from legal fees, compensation claims, injury at work and more.

Does Electricians Insurance Offer Tools Cover?

Yes, our insurance policies covers tools and equipment where required. Our insurance policies for electricians come with a comprehensive range of cover for your tools and equipment including theft, damage, accidental loss or destruction. This ensures that you can continue to operate your business without worry if any unforeseen incident occurs.

Is Electricians Business Insurance Legally Required?

In the UK, all electrical contractors are legally required to have public liability insurance as a minimum. This is because they potentially pose a risk of injury or death to members of the public if something goes wrong with their work.

This means that electricians need to ensure that they have adequate professional indemnity cover in place in order to protect themselves. If you are an electrician and do not have the correct coverage in place, you will be held liable for any costs resulting from any accidents or incidents.

Does Tradesman Saver’s Insurance Protect Me Against Compensation Claims and Legal Fees?

Yes, our insurance policies will protect you against compensation claims and legal fees. Our comprehensive policies provide essential cover for electrical contractors, giving them the peace of mind that they are protected from any potential risks that may arise in their business.

We also offer a wide range of optional extras such as employer’s liability insurance, public liability insurance and cover for tools and equipment, so you can tailor your policy to suit the needs of your business.

At Tradesman Saver, we understand the importance of ensuring that electricians have the right coverage in place, including public liability insurance, to protect them against any potential risks they may face in their work.

Do I Need Insurance As A Self Employed Electrician?

Yes, you do. If you’re self-employed, it’s extremely important that you ensure you’re covered against legal costs with a comprehensive public liability insurance policy. With your own insurance policy documents, you can ensure that you are completely protected with the right cover, which can protect your business, your family and your customers and clients.

Whether you’re self-employed, a sole trader or you employ people, ensuring that you have the right insurance for your electrician’s business is extremely important. Being adequately covered will not only protect your customer’s house, property and health, it will also ensure that you’re not left significantly out of pocket in the event there’s a legal claim following your work.

If you’re looking for professional advice to ensure you are protected as an electrical contractor, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Tradesman Saver’s experienced team today. We provide a full range of business insurance quotes for electricians and tradespeople of all kinds.

From self-employed insurance to employers liability insurance for electricians, make sure it’s Tradesman Saver.

Will Electrician’s Insurance Protect Business Premises?

Electrician’s insurance often covers several areas, such as liability, equipment, and sometimes even vehicles. However, it does not typically cover your own business premises. For that, you would generally need a different type of insurance, such as commercial property insurance. Comprehensive electrician’s insurance will protect business premises from damage caused by the electrician’s work, as part of their professional indemnity insurance.

So, if you’re the main contractor working independently, or you employ staff, your electrician’s insurance should cover yourself and your staff for their work, and any injuries caused to the general public.

It is worth double-checking to see if you need any additional cover for your business, such as hired in plant insurance for electricians, before commencing any project you’re unsure whether you’re protected for.

What Are The Biggest Risks That Electrical Contractors Face?

The biggest risks that electrical contractors face are potential injury or death to members of the public, as well as property damage caused by faulty workmanship. Handling electricity and live wires can be extremely dangerous and can, in some cases, lead to potentially hazardous situations for the general public in addition to the electrical contractor.

In addition to this, electricians may also be subject to claims for breach of contract and professional negligence. This is why it is essential for all electrical contractors to have sufficient insurance in place that not only covers them financially in the event of an accident or incident, but also protects them against professional errors and omissions.

*This indicative price is for £1m public and products liability, £250,000 legal expenses, £10,000 financial loss and £10,000 accidental death insurance cover for a sole trader. The price includes insurance premium tax but excludes our admin charge. 13% of new customers paid less than £54 between 1st January 2024 and 30th January 2024. The actual price you pay will depend upon your specific business requirements and will be affected by your trade, your claims history and the optional covers you select which are all priced separately during the quote process. This website is intended for customers based in the UK and is therefore subject to the UK regulatory regime(s) © Copyright 2024 Tradesman Saver | Tradesman Saver and Henry Seymour & Co. are trading names of Barkdene Limited which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FRN 303965) for our insurance distribution and credit broking activities. Barkdene Limited is a credit broker not a lender. You can check our financial services registration status on the Financial Services register.
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