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Due to the unpredictable nature of your work, it’s wise to take out a combination of policies to fully protect yourself against all unexpected events. Contractors’ public liability insurance is one of the most important, as this covers you against injuries and property damage caused by your business. This could be a core part of electrical contractors insurance, for example, safeguarding you in the event that someone gets an electric shock from a wire you’ve left exposed.

Public liability comes as part of Tradesman Saver’s standard insurance package, which also includes accidental death coverage. This could make all the difference to your contracting business if the nature of your work puts you and your employees in potentially life-threatening situations. For instance, this could be a key part of building or contractors insurance as you’ll likely work with dangerous tools. In addition to public liability and accidental death, you’ll automatically be covered for financial loss, legal expenses, and products liability as well.

You may also be interested in our optional covers. Employer’s liability is a legal requirement if you employ a team of staff, while contractor income protection provides you with regular payments if you’re temporarily unable to work following illness or injury. Professional indemnity could also be useful, as this covers you against any mistakes with serious consequences. For instance, if you need cleaning  insurance, professional indemnity would protect you if you damaged a customer’s reputation after sharing private information found in their home. Meanwhile, we also provide coverage for stolen and damaged tools and equipment, as well as a thorough contractors all risks policy to protect your business against a range of potential hazards in the workplace.

Tradesman Saver also insures some more dangerous contractor trades, such as sandblasting and scaffolding. Contact us today or complete a quick online quote to arrange a tailor-made insurance package perfectly suited to your contracting business.

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How our contractors insurance works

Whether you’re a builder, an electrician, or a cleaner, contracting means every project you take on will be different. Regardless of whether you’re thoroughly prepared for each job, unexpected accidents are always a possibility. For the sake of your finances, reputation, and relationships with your clients, it’s vital that you’re protected in the worst-case scenarios. With Tradesman Saver’s comprehensive contractors insurance package, you’re automatically covered if a claim is made against your business.

Why do you need contractors insurance?

Flexibility and expertise are vital parts of being a contractor, allowing you to turn your hand to any project where you’ll be trusted to make important decisions. Even the most competent business owners can make innocent mistakes. For example, clients could fall over your equipment and injure themselves, or a lapse in judgement could accidentally cause damage their property. Situations like these leave you vulnerable to legal action, where you could be forced to make hefty compensation payments. However, with a contractors insurance policy in place, we protect your business from potential financial disaster by covering all associated fees.

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What does contractors insurance cover?

Our automatic Tradesman Saver insurance package covers contractors for public liability, products liability, accidental death, financial losses, and legal expenses. However, in offering a variety of optional covers, including employer’s liability, professional indemnity, and contractors income protection, we give our customers the opportunity to create a customised package which can be designed to meet all their business’s requirements.

How much is contractors insurance?

You can find out how much you’d have to pay for your dedicated contractors insurance policy by applying for a quote with Tradesman Saver. The final figure is determined by many factors, such as the riskiness of your work, how long your typical contracts are, and how much cover you require to protect your business.

Are subcontractors covered under contractors insurance?

If you are a subcontractor, you can’t always assume you are covered by your main contractor’s insurance policy. This largely depends on whether you’re a labour only or a bona-fide subcontractor. The former acts as a company employee, using all the materials, equipment and tools provided by the firm and working under its supervision. The latter, however, will work unsupervised and more independently of the company, deciding their own hours and using their own equipment. Therefore, if you are a bona-fide subcontractor, you’ll need your own public liability cover, as well as employer’s liability if you are bringing your own staff to the job. It’s unlikely you’ll be hired at all without this all-important insurance. You may also wish to consider optional covers like contractors income protection in case you find yourself unable to work, or a policy protecting your tools and equipment. However, even if you are a labour only subcontractor, it’s wise to check the terms of any master insurance policies to see whether you need to organise any of your own cover.

Is contractors insurance the same as contractors all risk insurance?

Contractors insurance refers to all the types of cover a contractor could need, such as public liability, employer’s liability, and legal expenses. Contractors all risks insurance is one specific policy that is available to all tradesmen within the construction sector, such as builders, plumbers, and carpenters. This particular optional cover includes contract works insurance, up to £500,000 expenses for loss or damage to building works you’re responsible for. We also protect you against theft or damage to any equipment associated with the contract, as well as damage to temporary buildings or hired-in property.

How does contractors insurance work?

All of Tradesman Saver’s policies will cover you for public liability, products liability, accidental death, financial losses, and legal expenses. It is then your decision to decide which optional covers would be best suited to your particular business. Contract works insurance, for example, is common amongst construction workers. The maximum contract period, and the maintenance guarantee period for this policy is 12 months, though we are happy to arrange cover higher than this if you need it. However, contractors insurance doesn’t cover damage to property already on site. For example, if a fire wrecked a house and an extension you were working on, your policy would only cover the extension in progress. The rest of the house would need to be covered by the client’s home insurance. 

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