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There are many insurance options which would benefit your construction business, and public liability is one of the most significant. This protects you if your work ends up damaging a client’s property or injuring a client or member of the public. For example, you may need to pay compensation if a client trips over your tools and is injured or you accidentally damage a customer’s carpet with your muddy work boots.

Claims such as this can cost a small fortune but having public liability cover means you won’t be responsible for paying any of the resulting expenses. This is purchased as part of our comprehensive automatic package for construction companies, which also covers you for financial loss, legal expenses, products liability and accidental death.

Construction workers constantly battle with high-risk situations every day on the job, so ensuring your business is safeguarded from potential claims is an absolute must. While public liability insurance is key for those working in construction, contractors’ all risks insurance is actually one of the most important covers for your line of work. Contractors’ all risks insurance includes a range of benefits, from covering all ongoing work on site to covering any hired-in plant or machinery. It could come in great help if, for instance, a fire elsewhere in the property damages your work, or any equipment is stolen from the site. For subcontractors, the rules are slightly different, but you will need to ensure that they have their own comprehensive cover in place.

Other relevant insurance policies for a construction business include employer’s liability, which is a legal requirement for anybody who employs staff, and professional indemnity insurance.

You will be covered by Tradesman Saver’s construction liability insurance from the moment you pay for your policy, giving you cover with a minimum indemnity limit of £1 million, with optional increases to £2 million or £5 million if required.

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How our construction insurance works

Construction insurance isn’t actually one single policy, but the shorthand name for a series of covers under one umbrella. Together, they provide cover for construction workers in case of any accident or injury to you, your team, or any members of the public, as well as property damage both on and offsite. Taking out a construction liability insurance policy from Tradesman Saver gives you full cover across all necessary types of insurance. While they’re not legal requirements,  they are strongly recommended by the industry as a way to keep your company safe.

Why do you need construction insurance?

Even the most seasoned professionals within the construction industry aren’t immune from potential danger. The possibility of accidental damage or injury to your team, or a member of the public, can be financially disastrous if you’re not covered by a comprehensive policy. Construction insurance offers peace of mind to workers and clients alike that, in the event of an unexpected accident or harm to people or property, anyone affected will be entitled to the compensation they deserve. Scroll down now to receive an instant free quote.

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Understanding Public Liability Insurance For Construction

Finding the right insurance policy for your construction business can be a challenge. There’s a whole wealth of insurance terminology to try and wade through and it can often leave you feeling more confused than when you started! The one cover you need to know about though is public liability. Public liability insurance is like the foundation of your insurance policy. It covers your business for any injury to third parties or damage to their property. It even protects you from claims made against you by your clients, or members of the public, who may have been hurt by your business’ activities. It is one of the most vital covers to consider when trying to buy your construction insurance and will provide protection from a range of accidents that you may encounter in your day-to-day role.

It offers protection from situations such as:

  • Accidental damage to a client’s property whilst you’re working
  • A client tripping over the cable of your power tool
  • Damage to a client’s neighbour’s fence whilst you’re on a job
  • Injury caused to a member of the public through tripping over your toolbox

There are a host of other covers to consider when taking out your construction insurance as well, and these will cover a variety of other situations you may face. For instance, employer’s liability insurance is an absolute necessity if you’re employing staff, tools and equipment cover can be a Godsend if someone steals your tools, and contractor’s all risks insurance covers all ongoing work on a constructions site. There’s also personal accident and sickness insurance, which can help you pay the bills if you’re unable to work for over 7 days.

Why is construction insurance important?

Regardless of your team’s level of expertise, accidents happen. If inadvertent damage or injury occurs as a result of something your workers have done—whether to another worker or a member of the public—you need to be certain that any legal fees or compensation you need to pay won’t put you out of pocket. Public liability insurance for the construction sector allows you to rest easy knowing that if the worst does happen, you’ll be covered, no matter the circumstances.

What does construction industry insurance cover?

Construction insurance relates to several different types of policies, all of which are essential if you are conducting this work on building sites or private properties. The most important to anyone working in construction is public liability insurance, which covers any harm which may befall people outside of your team onsite, or damage to the property itself. We also offer product liability insurance, which provides cover against any injuries suffered by members of the public from installations or improvements you have made to a construction project.

How much does construction insurance cost?

The cost of construction insurance is impacted by aspects like the number of staff you employ, the amount of cover you require and your claims history. As a reference point, public liability cover for one person can cost as little as £60 per year.

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