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There are many insurance options which could benefit your business, and subcontractor public liability insurance is one of the most significant. This protects you if your work ends up damaging property or injuring a client or member of the public. For example, you may need to pay compensation if a customer trips over your tools and is injured, or you accidentally damage their carpet with your muddy work boots.

Claims like these can cost a small fortune, but having public liability cover means you won’t have to pay for your mistakes. You can purchase this as part of our automatic package, which also covers you for financial loss, legal expenses and more.

Other relevant insurance policies for a subcontractors business include employer’s liability, which is a legal requirement for anybody who employs staff, and professional indemnity insurance, protecting your business if you face a lawsuit after delivering bad advice or provide a poor service. Here at Tradesman Saver, we have all the coverage you may need as a subcontractor and you can get your quote online in minutes.

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What’s included with our Automatic Cover

How our subcontractor insurance works

Working as a subcontractor can be quite full-on. You spend all day on construction sites, and work doesn’t stop when you get home at the end of the day. As soon as you kick your shoes off and make a cup of tea, you’re wading through mountains of paperwork, invoices and receipts. The last thing you want to worry about after a hard day is any accidents and resulting compensation claims. This is why many tradesmen decide to take out subcontractors insurance. Our policy covers any costs associated with unexpected incidents in the workplace, freeing you from any unnecessary stress or financial difficulty.

Why do you need subcontractors insurance?

Accidents can happen at any moment when you’re a subcontractor. For example, a heavy tool could fall and hurt one of your customers, or you could mistakenly damage a water pipe and flood a property. These incidents are very serious and you could face expensive compensation claims and legal action as a result. Fortunately, here at Tradesman Saver, we have the answer. We’ve been working with subcontractors like you for over a decade and have put together an insurance policy reflecting the risks you face on a daily basis. Our comprehensive package includes all the covers you could possibly need to keep you safe when you’re on the job—whether that’s protecting your tools, your employees, your work on-site, or just your business’s financial stability. Click the button below to get your policy sorted.

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Products liability, legal expenses, and accidental death are all covered as standard on every policy.

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Subcontractor Public Liability Insurance Made Simple

Life as a subcontractor isn’t easy. Your job can be incredibly demanding and draining at the best of times, so when you’re looking for cover, the last thing you want is a maze of confusing insurance terminology. You just want to know exactly what insurance you need to protect your business no matter what. The one cover you truly need in your line of work is subcontractor public liability insurance. Regardless of the work you’re undertaking, this is the foundation of your subcontractor insurance policy. Its main purpose is to protect your business from claims arising due to the injury of a third party or damage to their property, and this can be used for accidents that affect both clients and members of the public. Whether a client’s vehicle has been damaged while on a job, or a member of the public falls over an uneven brick you’ve laid, subcontractors public liability insurance means that if anything ever goes wrong, you have a safety net.

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Subcontractor’s Insurance: Who We Cover

subcontractors working on site

We provide cover for a multitude of subcontractor trades across the whole spectrum of the industry, including:

To purchase your subcontractor insurance, simply pick the trade that best describes the work you do on your online quote form. Once you’ve bought your policy, you’ll be instantly covered for any subcontracting work you do.

How much is subcontractor insurance?

You can purchase subcontractor insurance for as little as £59, though the cost will depend on many other factors. For example, you may choose to take out some optional covers on top of our automatic insurance contract. The riskiness of your work, the length of your contracts, and the amount of cover you need will also influence the price.

Do subcontractors need insurance?

You may think that as a subcontractor, the main contractor will be responsible for arranging appropriate cover. However, the reality is that subcontractors do need insurance. Most contracts will stipulate that you must provide your own cover—particularly public liability—and specify the minimum indemnity limit of your policy. In some cases, the contractor may insure the project you’re working on, but that doesn’t mean it will protect you from every risk. For example, your own tools and materials will probably not be included, and you’ll most likely need your own employer’s liability policy to cover your employees. To fully safeguard you and your business from any unexpected incidents, it’s wise to arrange a policy perfectly tailored to your business.

What insurance do I need as a subcontractor?

At Tradesman Saver, we provide subcontractors with public liability, product liability, accidental death, legal expenses and financial loss coverage as standard. However, there are many optional covers that could also be beneficial. Our dedicated tools and equipment insurance offer financial protection if your work materials are broken or stolen, while personal accident and income protection will pay you for any periods you’re unable to work.

Do I need bona-fide or labour only subcontractor insurance?

Labour only subcontractors are tradesmen who work for a company as though they were an employee, using all their equipment and materials while working under the firm’s supervision. On the other hand, bona-fide subcontractors work more independently, using their own tools and setting their own hours. If you’re labour only you may be covered by the company’s own public liability and employer’s liability cover, though it’s important you check whether this is the case. However, if you’re a bona-fide worker, you’ll be responsible for arranging all your own subcontractor insurance.  Our article, labour only vs bona-fide subcontractors, are you insured correctly, will provide all the information you need.

What is subcontractor default insurance?

Subcontractor default insurance can be taken out by contractors to financially protect them if a subcontractor they’ve hired defaults on the job. As this is not a policy subcontractors take out themselves, it is not a part of any Tradesman Saver subcontractor insurance package.

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