Tips for tradesman looking to generate more work online

Tips for tradesman looking to generate more work online


The growth of the internet has created a whole other marketplace for tradesmen to advertise their business and procure more work online. But many tradesmen remain reluctant to venture online and make the most of the equipment they have at their disposal. Traditional trade jobs like construction workers, plumbers, joiners and other household trades are stereotypically traditional offline businesses that rely on word of mouth and print advertisements to gain more trade.

There are many opportunities online for tradesmen to easily advertise their business for free and develop new clients and grow their business. Whether this is advertising yourself on social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram, or building a website where you can use a quality SEO strategy to drive traffic and sales, there are many simple ways to improve the scope of your business.

In 2019, a trading business that has an online presence is now perceived in a different, more professional way. Possessing the likes of Public Liability Insurance, coupled with this online presence, can go a long way in helping you acquire growth and additional clients. Take a look below to find out more about how your business can make the most of online platforms today.

Set up your business’ social accounts

By now, most of us are aware of the basic functionality of social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, with even the most traditional of us adopting these platforms for personal use. But, how do we use them in a business sense and what can they do for our small businesses within the trade?

Most of your family members and friends will spend hours scrolling and scrolling and perusing what’s on offer. So creating social media pages for your business could be the perfect method of garnering attention from new clients and gaining new contracts. Maybe someone is searching Facebook and they also need some plumbing work completed. This is work that you could potentially harvest that you wouldn’t normally find through word of mouth.

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Fill your social media with information about your business; what you do and how you work. Also, publish photos of your handy work and information surrounding the services you offer. The great thing about all of this is that it’s entirely free. Other users can also offer reviews of your business and your online presence will help you gain authority and trustworthiness associated with this progressive modern image. Furthermore, your business can also pay for targeted advertisements across social media as a means of highlighting your services and scoping out new clients. This is often cheaper than print advertising, too.

Get a website and develop an SEO Strategy

In addition to creating your social media accounts, it’s also a good idea to set up a website for customers who are searching online to find you. Although you may think that setting up a website is a costly and complicated task there are many cheap ways for you to set up an online platform and start reaping the rewards straight away. These days you don’t have to be a technical wizard to set up a basic website.

But how can a website help you acquire more business, I hear you ask? Well, with more people increasingly reluctant to pick up the phone and physically ring someone if they’re in need of your trade, an online website could be just the trick to attract younger customers who go about their business in a different manner.

Let’s say for example that you’re a Plumber in Newcastle. If a potential customer is in need of plumbing services in Newcastle, they’re going to most like Google ‘Plumbers in Newcastle’. Now, who do you think gets the most business out of this search – is it the plumber on the second page of Google? Nope, it’s the person who sits right at the top.

The way to propel your business to the top of the Google rankings is through something called search engine optimisation. This is achieved by targeting keywords and building your website to highlight your services. Why don’t you write a blog about your recent jobs and publish some photos, maybe link up your blogs to other authority sources?

Register your information and get insured

It always helps to register your information with all the respected bodies as a regulated and qualified trader. If people see you as an official name, they’re more likely to call you for your services than some unknown they’ve found in the phonebook. Another way to improve the respectability of your business and potentially garner new contracts is by possessing public liability insurance. Public Liability Insurance will cover you in the event of a claim made against your business when a third party has been injured or a property you’ve been working on has been damaged. Without this insurance, it can create extremely high costs for your business – that could put you out of business.

Possessing public liability insurance will also set you apart from your competitors and show contractors that you’re well-equipped and safe to work with. Possessing this sort of insurance acts as something of a sign of approval and credibility and, although it comes at an additional cost, it’s certainly something that can be invaluable to the growth of your business.

Online advertisements

Online advertisements are a great way of harvesting new clients and can be done at a much cheaper price than your traditional print advertisements in a newspaper. Online advertisements will be visible by new demographics and a younger set of clients and will be visible across social media, websites on both mobile and desktop platforms. Think about how many adverts for businesses you see while you’re online – hundreds every day. You could be seen by your customers just as easily.

We hope that the above article has provided you with an invaluable insight into how your business can benefit from developing an online presence. Whether it’s setting up some social media accounts and showing off your handiwork to potential clients, or you’re acquiring some public liability insurance to gain some credibility for your business – the potential for growing your business online is now simply too lucrative to ignore, even for the traditionalists out there. Tradesman Saver insurance provides a selection of cost-effective insurance quotes for all you tradespeople out there.

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