The top tradesman influencers to follow now

The top tradesman influencers to follow now


Social media can be crucial when you’re a tradesman, and it’s a great way to market your business online. But it’s also an easy way to keep yourself entertained during your breaks or at the end of a long day. As fun as it can be to see what footballers and Hollywood stars are getting up to on Instagram, wouldn’t it be nice to see a few more relatable profiles on your feed for a change? We know the feeling, which is why we regularly update our own Instagram page with all the latest news, stats, and of course good old fashioned banter to keep you entertained. And as well as checking out our killer content, you can also get your fix by exploring the world of tradesman influencers!

Whether you’re looking for someone sharing a few tips and tricks of the trade, or you want to be inspired by a master craftsman who simply posts pictures of their amazing work, here are five tradesman Instagram profiles for you to follow now.


Nick Schiffer – @nsbuilders

Boston-based Nick Schiffer is the owner of NS Builders, and has managed to attract over 118,000 Instagram followers to date. He regularly posts arty pictures and videos to showcase his outstanding work, documenting the varying stages of different projects to let his fans see every single step of the process. As well as his impressive profile, he runs a YouTube channel, which covers everything from ‘how to’ videos to interesting Q&As.

Click here to follow @nsbuilders.


Sarah Listi – @toolgirlsgarage

If power tools are your thing, make sure you check out Sarah Listi. Whether she’s building furniture or making home improvements, the Texan tradeswoman shares all the exciting projects she’s working on, along with some top tips and, of course, the brilliant woodwork tools she’s using. Sarah’s fun, lighthearted approach and on-the-job storytelling means she’ll feel like a mate of yours in no time!

Click here to follow @toolgirlsgarage.


Kiefer Limeback – @toolaholic

Over in Toronto, we have Kiefer Limeback, a contractor who’s all about keeping it real. Instead of fancy, stylised shots, he focuses on making noise about the best tools and equipment out there with thorough, honest reviews. Next time you need to update your tool box, or even buy a new pair of boots, make sure you see what Kiefer has to say first.

Click here to follow @toolaholic.


Kate Campbell – @katebuilds

Kate Campbell runs her own renovation company, and is on a mission to get more women into the trade industry. As well as a whole range of content showing her hard at work (and play!) on the job, Kate also gives you a glimpse into her life away from the construction sites. We reckon you’ll love her clever time-lapse videos, which condense a whole day’s work in a minute or so.

Click here to follow @katebuilds.


Brian MacAllister – @bjmacwoodwork

Brian MacAllister is keen to pass his knowledge and passion for woodwork on to others by sharing examples of his mind-blowing craftsmanship. Providing a detailed overview of every step of his projects, you can see exactly how his awesome creations come to life. You’ll have a newfound appreciation for handmade woodwork once you get a close up look at Brian’s design flourishes, like his intricately-crafted maple leaves.

Click here to follow @bjmacwoodwork.

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