How Tradespeople can Build Trust among Potential Customers?


Aside from your initial expertise in your trade and quality customer service, there are many different ways that tradespeople can help build up trust among their potential customers. With more and more businesses venturing online to promote their skills and services, the industries within our trades are becoming more and more competitive, with the catchment of potential customers being won across finer and finer margins. But what’s the best way for a tradesperson to build a solid trust and rapport with customers in 2019? This guide will explain a few of the best tips and how to most effectively win those contracts, via both traditional and modern methods of advertising.

Build your following on social media

In 2019, social media has been a vital component to all businesses both large and small. As our lives are increasingly played out online and the readership and exposure that traditional advertising channels offer diminishes, more small business can look online to develop those all important trust channels for current and potential customers. Social media is a great way of developing a positive reputation within your industry and area, and a superb outlet for highlighting examples of your handywork and the services you offer. Not only does it give you a platform to showcase your work, but it also allows you to interact with a larger cross-section of potential customers. It doesn’t always have to be business related either, so why not try adding a bit of humour into the equation to provide the personal, human connection.

It’s only human nature to trust things that we’re more familiar with, and this is similar to businesses. This is why small businesses have a lot of success with word of mouth. Building up a familiarity and a personal tone online is a perfect way of bridging the gap between customers online and providing communication channels to offer your services without having to spend a penny. Look into setting up social media accounts for your business across the likes of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, or even look into the benefits that paid advertising across these apps can have on your business revenues and growth. In addition to the positive effects that arise on the back of social media, businesses can also benefit from possessing a solid Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) strategy that aims to build authority in their location and industry, but that’s a tale for another time.

Always possess adequate business insurance

Another great way of building up levels of trust between new and potential customers is possessing a selection of modern business insurance policies throughout your business. Possessing adequate insurance not only establishes you as a trustworthy and safe contender when you’re looking to acquire contracts within your trade, but it also installs a sense of reliability and professionalism among potential customers that wouldn’t necessarily be found across businesses without. This level of transparency and dedication to safety adds a trustworthy element to your business identity. Here are just a couple of types of business insurance that you should consider purchasing. Don’t forget, Tradesman Saver has everything you require when it comes to your business insurance.

  • Employers’ liability insurance is mandatory in the UK, for anyone who has employees. Failure to possess this type of insurance can mean fines of up to £2500 for every day you go without. Employers liability insurance will cover you for any costs, compensation, and legal fees that arise on the back of a claim made against you by one of your employees. This can be things like injury at work caused by fault or negligence on behalf of the employer.
  • Second on the list is public liability insurance, perhaps the most important of the liability insurance policies out there. Although not a legal requirement in the UK, public liability insurance is a necessary premium to possess to protect you in the face of claims made against you by third parties. A third party can be anyone from a member of the public to other sub-contractors working on site. Essentially, a third-party is anyone who is not an employee of your business. Public liability insurance will protect you against any compensation packages, legal fees, and medical bills that arise from these third party claims.

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Possessing these two types of insurance highlights your business in the eyes of potential customers and contractors as legitimate, trustworthy, and professional candidates for their business. Without it, you could run the risk of being overlooked by larger contracts, while preventing potential revenue streams and the potential for growth.

Publish your testimonials online

Another essential method of promoting your business to potential customers is highlighting all the great work and services you’ve offered in the past. In addition to posting photos of the projects you’ve worked on, it’s also a good idea to request testimonials from previous customers and clients offering a brief synopsis of the work you completed and generally offering a positive acclamation of your work. Multiple sources vouching for you within the industry can be a superb way of building up a trustworthy reputation and identity toward potential customers.

Take advantage of word of mouth

Although one of the more traditional methods of spreading positive messages about your business, word of mouth is an efficient way for small, local tradespeople and businesses looking to develop contacts and more customers within their local area. However, unlike tailored testimonials, word of mouth relies on you actually completing a positive service for your customers, from delivering the job to an acceptable standard to ensuring that your customer service is at the perfect levels it should be while dealing with your customers.

Building a trustworthy image of your business is a vital component to ensure that your business grows in line with its aims. If your customers don’t trust you then there’s no way they’re going to let you into their homes or work on their valuable contracts. Whether it’s making the most of online and traditional advertising methods like social media or good old-fashioned word of mouth, or it’s looking into possessing a selection of core business insurance liability policies, Tradesman Saver offer everything you need to know when it comes to your business insurance premiums and advice.

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