The Right Place To Get Noticed: 71% Of Homeowners Use Facebook To Find Tradesmen Online

The Right Place To Get Noticed: 71% Of Homeowners Use Facebook To Find Tradesmen Online


It’s true what they say, isn’t it? Time really is money. So, as a hard-working tradesman, your success depends on spending the best part of your time working on jobs, not fishing through countless websites and marketing platforms in search of a bite.

Yet with so many options for matching skilled tradesmen with the homeowners that need them, doesn’t it seem that you’re spending far more time online than on site? If only there was some way you could figure out which website reaps the most rewards and concentrate the bulk of your efforts on that…

Here’s the good news: there is, and one recent report has revealed exactly what it is.

homeowners use facebook to find tradesmen

Two-thirds of homeowners use Facebook to find tradesmen

According to a survey of 2,825 homeowners carried out by, Facebook is the undisputed king when it comes to helping homeowners find reliable tradesmen. The report revealed that, of the 67% respondents who used social media as their primary resource when researching a company or service, the overwhelming majority preferred Facebook.

71% used the world’s biggest social networking site to check out a company or independent tradesmen before reaching out for a quote.

homeowners use facebook to find tradesmen

Self-employed tradesman? Business owner? It’s time to go social

What this means for you, of course, is that if you haven’t yet set up a Facebook Business Page (or if you have and you’ve let it go to pot), it’s time to log on and get cracking!

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After all, with the survey revealing that only 16% would use recommendations from friends and family, 11% visiting a tradesman’s website, and a shockingly low 4% using review and comparison sites, it’s undoubtedly the one platform likely to reap the biggest rewards when it comes to generating new business.

homeowners use facebook to find tradesmen

Top tips for turbocharging your Facebook presence

Facebook doesn’t take too kindly to you using your personal profile for business purposes, even stating in their terms of service that they can remove your page if they catch you at it, so now’s definitely the time to sign up for a Facebook business page.

For another, creating a page provides you with greater access to a whole wealth of tools and features you can use to reach a whole new audience and promote your services.

Already built a page ages ago but neglected it ever since? Here are a few top tips to really use the most powerful advertising tool you own to its full potential.

Regularly ask for reviews

Facebook pages allow your customers to leave a review of your service. A glowing review or two can make all the difference if a potential new customer checks out your profile, so be sure to regularly point your existing customers in the direction of your reviews section and ask them to leave their feedback.

Add photo galleries of your best work

A picture speaks a thousand words, so instead of telling everyone how good you are, why not show them? To really impress, take a good quality DSLR camera with you on your next job (or rope in a mate who’s got one) and shoot some stunning shots that you can then upload to Facebook and really show off.

Schedule posts in advance to save time

Yes, keeping on top of a Facebook page can be time-consuming, but it doesn’t have to eat away at your entire day. On the top of your page, click “Publishing Tools” followed by “Scheduled Posts” to create a whole bunch of Facebook posts in bulk and schedule them to go out on different dates.

Use the pages manager app to stay on top of messages & comments

Sure, having Facebook send out your pre-written posts whilst you’re sat in the pub may sound like a good idea, but what happens if someone sees your post and gets in touch to ask for a quote? If you don’t respond quick enough, chances are they’ll move onto somebody else.

That’s where using the Facebook Pages Manager app can really come in handy. Set it up, and you’ll not only be notified if somebody comments or leave a message, but you’ll also be able to respond instantly before getting back to that well-earned pint. You can even set up an auto-reply and set it up to send outside of working hours, to make sure you never miss a potential client.

Do you have your own top tips on how to make the most of Facebook as a business owner or self-employed tradesman? How useful have you found Facebook Pages in helping you win work? Let us know in the comments below or join in the discussion on  Facebook and Twitter.

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