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What style of lip tickler are you going for this Movember?

November is fast approaching, and it’ s a great reason to have some fun,
and support men’s health.

We love a good cause here at Tradesman Saver, and if that cause supports health and well-being, sign us up.

Since 2004, the Movember Foundation has raised over £600 million to support men suffering with testicular cancer, prostate cancer, and mental health issues.

Cancer is an issue that affects a significant number of men globally. Here are some facts:

  • Prostate cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in men, in the UK.
  • Globally 1.3 million men are diagnosed with prostate cancer each year.
  • 333,500 men in the UK are living with, or have battled the disease.
  • Spot the signs of testicular cancer early and there is a 95% survival rate!

I’m sure you’ll agree that raising awareness, and some cash during November, is well worth your time.

Here’s how you can get involved

1. Gro a mo!
We’ve all saved the tash for last when shaving. Had a good old look at ourselves with bristles on the top lip. But this November, don’t shave it off! Grow it out. You have permission to embrace your inner Tom Selleck or Hulk Hogan. The more wild, styled and adventurous, the better.

For moustache ideas check out the section at the end of this blog.

2. Host an event
Convince your local pub to hold a quiz in aid of the charity, and encourage teams to dress up. You could even catwalk the best mo’s and charge a quid to vote for a winner.

Poker nights are also a great way to raise some cash. You and your mates can set a fee to enter, and donate the takings.

3. Run
There are run’s from 1km to half marathons being held across the country, this November. Those of you with more stamina can try running, or walking, 60km across 30 days. Kids
can get involved too, and it’s a great way to keep fit and show your support.

To find out where you nearest run is being held, click here.

And visit the official website at, to sign up, or find more information and resources.

Mental health awareness month

November also marks mental health awareness month. Depression is a serious issue that can lead to bigger problems. It’s important to review how you feel, and take note of any changes in behaviour in those around you.

How you might feel if you’re depressed

  • down, upset or tearful
  • restless, agitated or irritable
  • guilty, worthless and down on yourself
  • empty and numb
  • isolated and unable to relate to other people
  • finding no pleasure in life or things you usually enjoy
  • a sense of unreality
  • no self-confidence or self-esteem
  • hopeless and despairing
  • suicidal

What others might do if they are depressed

Whether you’re working for a company or with the same sole traders or clients, keep an eye on those having a bad day. If a bad day turns into a bad week, then reach out to see if everything is ok.

You don’t have to make a big fuss about it. Set 20 mins aside for a brew and a chat. You’ll be amazed how much difference it makes.

If you’re working on a client’s property, take a few minutes to see how things are going.

People who struggle find it easy to put on a brave face, especially if that person lives alone and is isolated.

There is a lot of stigma around men talking about their feelings. In many cases, the huge pressures men are under go unnoticed.

Ask a mate ‘how’s it going,’ and his reply might be ‘not bad.’ However there may be an underlying issue. This issue might be something trivial, that will pass with time, or something a lot more serious.

In 2020,

  • The male suicide rate was 15.3 per 100,000 compared to the female suicide rate of 4.9 per 100,000
  • Males aged 45-49 continue to have the highest suicide rate (23.8 per 100,000)
  • The North East of England had the highest suicide rate at 13.3. per 100,000. And the rate has been the highest in this area, 5 times in the past decade

Fact is, men are often too blokey to talk through their problems. But, with the number of male suicides three time higher than women, it’s time to open up.

Here are some signs to look out for, if you think someone is struggling.

  • they avoid social events and activities they usually enjoy
  • have difficulty speaking, thinking clearly or making decisions
  • have difficulty remembering or concentrating on things
  • use more tobacco, alcohol or other drugs than usual
  • feel tired all the time
  • have no appetite and lose weight, or eat too much and gain weight

Advice, and more information, on how to help family and friends having difficulties can be found here.

And there is a list of organisations offering support here.

Tash-tastic classics

If you’re looking for moustache ideas, you’ve come to the right place. We have pitted the classics against each other, and we are asking you to vote for your favourite. There are three sets, and you can only choose one tash in each group.


So what did you pick? Which tash will smash the rest? Leave a comment below.

And, if you’ve held an event, are running 60km, or have a mate whose tash is the talk of the town, post a pic online and tag @tradesmansaver.

On a more serious note, please take care of yourself and an eye on family, friends and colleagues. It’s been a tough couple of years for most, and that extra bit of support will go a long way.

Tradesman Saver are doing their bit too. We offer access to a free helpline and counselling services, with all our policies.

If you’re having problems, or struggling for any reason, please take full advantage of this support.

More information can be found on our website here.

Stay safe!

Mark McPherson

Mark McPherson has an MA in Creative Writing and has been crafting content for over a decade. He writes for a range of niches, including the construction industry and insurance sector. Mark has worked internationally as a content writer and teacher.

All articles by Mark McPherson

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