Since the closure of the Rochdale branch and both Oldham and Bury being 8 miles away in any direction ,as a handyman service of over 10 years i find the travel to branch and back cuts an hour of actual working off the day. I managed with this scenario though I admit I was not impressed.
However the recent tradepoint change in the “earn 5% offnext month) scheme by spending £250 this month seems to be quite blatantly aimed at Builders and large companies who can easily spend the £250.00 in one transaction and thus cutting out the small but equally important trader like myself.
Having spent most of my career purchasing my supplies from Band Q in various towns I feel quite angry that my customers now have to purchase their own supplies if they require B and Q products as by the time I have left the job in hand to collect a small item results in a loss of time and fuel.

My views are shared by numerous small traders like myself.We feel the Tradepoint discount scheme now in place does not benefit us at all and most of us are now using other local suppliers that can offer a small discount on their products.
Quite often they will “price match then offer their usual trade discount off that price.
Conclusion is B and Q seem to have turned their backs on the little trader and are solely intent on focusing sales to the big construction companies. Grossly unfair practice I have to say.Seriously needs addressing if B and Q are to survive.

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