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Top Tips for Beating the January Blues

The festivities have faded, debts are mounting and the winter chill remains. Plummeting from Christmas high spirits into January can challenge any tradesperson’s drive.

As the most depressing month statistically, January brings unique psychological stresses. But with some self-care and smart planning, you can stay sharply focused. Follow these tips to start 2024 motivated.

Look After Your Health

Decades of early rises and physically demanding work take an incremental toll over time. Make renewing your physical and mental health top priority now by:

Optimising Sleep

Aim for 8 hours a night minimum. Block blue light from phones/TVs pre-bedtime, establish calming nightly routines and keep bedrooms cool for better rest.

Scheduling Health Checks

Book annual checkup appointments to spot emerging medical issues early. Monitoring vitamin D, cholesterol, blood pressure and more ensures you stay active on the job.

Watching Diet and Nutrition

Proteins, complex carbs and vegetables nourish depleted reserves from December’s indulgences. And cut back on caffeine/alcohol which destabilise mood further.

Accessing Mental Health Support

If feeling persistently down or anxious, use support lines and  counselling resources like the British Safety Council’s health and wellbeing courses. Don’t struggle alone – support exists.

Stimulate Creativity

The repetitive daily grind of tasks risks complacency without occasional creative refreshment. Reignite your passion for the work by:

Redecorating workspaces – Personalise drab work vans and site cabins with motifs and accessories reflecting your style. Surrounding yourself with objects sparking joy boosts motivation.
Reading industry publications – Immerse in the innovations and visions steering your profession’s future direction. This big picture thinking stretches perspectives.
Trying small business communities – Exchange growth hacking tips with more experienced peers who’ve built firms from scratch too. Fresh insights arise from these connections.

Improve Time Management

Without December’s usual intensity, focus risks sliding as tasks feel less urgent. Stay sharply on track by:

Removing Distractions

Delete social media apps draining attention spans on devices used for work. Schedule designated non-work windows for browsing later guilt-free.

Listing Daily To-Do’s

Rather than relying on memory, write activity checklists spanning both priority tasks and minor errands. The visual prompt keeps progress tangible.

Batching Similar Tasks

Group associated jobs by type and tackle collectively during designated sessions. For example, choosing to do all quote admin on Wednesdays streamlines workflow.

Scheduling Rewards

Build little treats into calendars to follow the completion of tough tasks. This positive reinforcement conditions brains into anticipating feel-good hits.

Gamifying Achievements

Visualise progress using wall planners with task stickers or apps tracking successes. These measurable outputs make hard graft feel rewarding.

Prepare Financially

January’s financial hangovers hit hard after December’s festivities. Get balances back on track through:

Claiming Tax Reliefs

Before the tax year ends, make sure to file any outstanding claims related to your business expenses. This includes a variety of costs that can significantly impact your tax liability.

Chasing Debts

Payment delays mount over Christmas. Politely pursue overdue invoices now and offer reasonable payment plans to convert debts into January income.

Reviewing Budgets

Analyse category spending from bank statements and create savings goals for the year ahead. Even modest cuts quickly compound.

Shopping Insurance Annually

Use January to assess if existing trade cover still aligns to asset values and risks. Regular reviews ensure appropriate policies.

Tradesman Talk

Do you have any unique tips for overcoming the January Blues and starting years strongly? How do you incentivise yourself delivering great work despite the cold and dark? Share your insights below!

Until next time, make sure it’s Tradesman Saver.

Stephanie Lowndes

Stephanie is a Digital Marketing Masters Graduate with extensive Customer Service experience gained in the retail and hospitality sectors. Stephanie is currently a Senior Marketing Executive at Tradesman Saver.

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