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Talk to Tradesman Saver this Stress Awareness month

When the pressures of modern life become a challenge, give us a call and get things off your chest.

For those of you who don’t know, April is stress awareness month. And with the construction industry a hot spot for mental health issues, we wanted to make you aware of a few things.

Dealing with stress

Everyone gets stressed now and again. Most of the time we deal with it and move on. However, there are many reasons stress doesn’t go away.

If you’re feeling depressed and anxious over a long period of time, there may be an underlying issue that is difficult to shrug off.

Financial difficulties, work related problems, and challenging situations at home can all add up and it’s important to know how to deal with these pressures.

Here are a few things you can do, if you’re feeling stressed:

  • Adopt a positive mind set
  • Reduce screen time
  • Be mindful about what you eat
  • Get a good nights sleep
  • Exercise
  • Learn to say no
  • Master your time
  • Practice meditation or deep breathing
  • Make your health a priority
  • Drink plenty of water

If you have tried some of the above and you still feel anxious and depressed, then it might be time to talk to someone about what you’re experiencing.

Support from Tradesman Saver

All of our polices include access to a confidential counselling helpline, for you and your staff. This confidential service is at no extra cost and sits alongside a range of other perks, at no extra cost, such as legal expenses insurance.

If you, or someone you know, is going through a rough patch (it happens to us all) then the first step is to talk to someone. So, please make good use of this free service.

Here are the details:

For free confidential advice and support, call the Staff Counselling Helpline on
0333 000 2082

For help with legal and tax issues, call the Legal and Tax Helpline on
0344 571 7978

Your Tradesman Saver policy also gives you access to free Business Support at

You will need your insurance policy number when you call, which you can find on your policy documents through your account.

More information on these free extras can be found on the Support Services page.

Additional Support

The Lighthouse Construction Industry Charity has recently launched a mental health helpline that can be accessed through text message.

The free service is open to construction workers, their families and friends, and is run by volunteers who offer support in the following areas:

  • dealing with anxiety
  • relationship issues
  • loneliness & isolation
  • abuse
  • addiction
  • depression
  • Bullying
  • self harm & suicidal thoughts
  • debt & other financial problems

If you need to speak to someone, text HARDHAT to 85258. An app is also available to download, which gives you easy access to the support services on offer.

Another option is Mates in Mind, a charity that helps people in the construction industry who are struggling with mental health issues. Their aim is to develop a positive environment across the sector and encourage tradespeople to open up about the problems they are facing.

They work with and support organisations to create mental health programmes within the company. This gives workforces the skills and confidence they need to take care of their employees.

Mates in Mind are always looking for volunteers, and you can contact them on 020 3510 5018 for more info on helping your company and community.

Tradesman Talk

Talking about the challenges you are facing isn’t easy. But we all have the courage inside ourselves to open up about how we feel.

Remember, you’re not alone. We all feel the pressure. We’re all trying the best we can.

So, if life is dragging you down and you’re not sure what to do, talk to someone. A five minute chat is all it takes to get your mental health back on track.

And be available when people you know need to bend your ear. Give colleagues and family members the time they need to get things off their chest. Listen to the small problems and they will tell you the big problems. And it’s the bigger issues you need to be aware of. Know the mental health problem signs and offer as much support as you can.

Take care of yourself. Take care of those around you. And if you need support, Tradesman Saver is here to take care of you.

Mark McPherson

Mark McPherson has an MA in Creative Writing and has been crafting content for over a decade. He writes for a range of niches, including the construction industry and insurance sector. Mark has worked internationally as a content writer and teacher.

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