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Product News: Reduce health risks on site with Milwaukee

This month, Milwaukee MX Fuel demonstrates the power of their low noise, low pollution, range of tools.

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Improving jobsite safety with the Milwaukee MX FUEL™ range

Long-term exposure to noise has significant health impacts. According to the HSE, if you have to raise your voice to have a normal conversation when standing about 2 metres apart, for at least part of the day, then noise levels on the site may be at a level, which could damage health.

Noise pollution on site

The Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005 in the UK sets out the requirements of construction sites to minimise the exposure to noise for workers to avoid ill health. There is also the requirement to ensure that nearby residents are not left harmed by noise from the site.

The HSE also regards high levels of noise from plant and plant tools as hazardous. Its advice is to select quietest tools and equipment that are effective for the job when buying or hiring plant tools by comparing noise levels from the manufacturer or supplier.

Site-based processes such as cutting, drilling and grinding all produce noise, as do the engines that power the tools used for these tasks. Unlike impact noise, engine noise is constant, which presents a health hazard when exposed for long periods of time.

Some impacts on hearing can be the result of prolonged exposure to ‘ear-safe’ levels of noise. This can be the case for construction workers, who are in the daily presence of noisy fossil fuel powered machinery. This can impact cardiovascular function (hypertension, changes to blood pressure and/or heart rate), changes in breathing, annoyance, sleep, physical health and mental health.

Engine noise can also affect operations on the construction site by making it difficult to communicate, which can lead to operator mistakes. While engine noise levels are generally lower than that of most tools in operation, engine noise is likely to occur over a prolonged period, which can be an annoyance to those on site and people living nearby.

Safer working conditions on site

Creating safe conditions on site and in the surrounding environment is fundamental to achieving good social wellbeing. Of course, a better work environment will also benefit employers and workers’ families by enabling workers to enjoy healthier lives which, ultimately, means they can be more productive and more likely and able to stay in a job for longer. The quality of work will also be higher when the work environment is safe, comfortable, and relatively pleasant.

The benefit of zero emission plant hire equipment is a site environment with cleaner air to breathe, less noise pollution and tools with fewer vibrations. And, when battery-powered plant hire equipment is used, the potential trip hazard of power cables and hoses is also eliminated.

Milwaukee’s MX FUEL™ range

Milwaukee’s MX FUEL™ range of market-leading battery powered plant hire tools are at the forefront of the zero emission revolution for the light plant hire equipment market.

The tools produce zero emissions on the construction site; incorporate virtually silent electric motors that deliver power instantaneously and with minimal vibration and have minimal running costs. In addition, the tools’ outstanding ergonomic design ensures ease of handling to maximise productivity, while freedom from electrical leads, which improves safety.

Milwaukee’s MX FUEL™ battery-powered plant hire tools have zero emissions. That means that there are virtually no limitations on where work can be carried out; the tools allow operatives to work safely indoors, in trenches, in tunnels or even in mines.

The MX FUEL™ battery pack also enables tools to be used on remote sites where electricity is not available, which can open up new opportunities for work. In use, combustion engines are noisy.

Compared to direct petrol-driven competitors, tools powered by the MX FUEL™ Equipment System produce less noise, which means that the number of hours of the day where machinery can potentially be used could be extended.

About Milwaukee

Milwaukee has been producing innovative heavy-duty power tools and accessories for the professional for over 85 years.

Since it was founded, in 1924, Milwaukee has been an industry leader in power tool innovation. Quality is our highest priority. Starting with an understanding of the professional power tool user’s needs, quality is shaped through the design of superior products, components and processes and is extended through the use of high-grade materials, supplies and stringent in-house/field testing.

Discover more about the MX FUEL™ range on their website.

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