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Knauf are back with their innovative range of plasterboard

Take your plasterboard to the next level with enhanced fire protection and sound insulation.

More than board

The construction industry has something of a reputation for being slow to change and it’s probably fair to recognise that there is some reassurance in using a familiar product. However, being aware of the latest products and methods could mean better results and happier customers.

Plasterboard is one group that is top of the list of under-rated products. Too often standard gypsum board is viewed as a commodity fix-all when technical teams have developed a range of options with characteristics to meet specific performance demands.

Same method, better result

Many contractors tend to use standard wallboard, no matter the project. In fact, there are a whole range of high-performance plasterboards available to meet the demands of any specific scenario, for example superior resistance to fire, water and sound. These boards are installed using the same method as standard plasterboard so don’t require learning any new skills but are more suitable for particular situations so achieve a better result.

For example, when fitting a bathroom there’s an opportunity to consider a moisture resistant product such as Knauf Moisture Panel. A gypsum board, Moisture Panel contains additives that make it resistant to the humidity that can lead standard boards to decay over time.

On the other hand, if it’s a kitchen extension then the homeowner might appreciate the added reassurance provided by Knauf Fire Panel which gives up to 120 minutes fire protection as part of a full Knauf system.

An equally popular project at the moment is likely to be a home office with the rise in working from home habits leading many to consider a dedicated space for home working.

Keep the sound down

The immediate problem for families is often one of noise. The need for quiet space for working is in direct opposition to the recent trend for open plan living and finding the right partitioning solution is important. So important, in fact, that acoustic insulation has been a focus for product development with a range of options now available.

The first Knauf solution for this issue is Sound Panel. This is a denser product (and therefore heavier) than standard wallboards and effectively reduces noise transfer between neighbouring rooms. It’s ideal for residential applications, although it provides the best sound insulation when used as part of an acoustic wall system that will include cavity insulation and acoustic sealant. This system will meet the requirements of Approved Document E for partitions.

Sound Panel isn’t the only product developed for acoustic insulation – in fact Knauf has developed a range of options with additional high-performance characteristics.

Knauf Soundshield Plus combines effective acoustic control with impact and fire resistance. It’s thicker denser, giving high-level acoustic insulation (up to 54dB as part of a full Knauf system) making it a good option for areas where sound control is top priority: could be a utility room housing washing machine and tumble dryer for example.

And top of the range is Knauf Performance Plus – the highest performance plasterboard in the Knauf range. 15mm thick and weighing in at 12.8kg per M2
(33.12kg per board) Performance Plus provides all-round performance. As part of a full Knauf system it promises up to 120 minutes fire resistance, combined with effective sound insulation; it’s moisture resistant and highly resilient. Ideal for high traffic areas and the most challenging environments: schools, hospitals and more.


Getting the right fit

This is not about finding a product that “will do”. It’s about providing the right solution for the right environment.

Product development teams never stop and all manufacturers look to introduce improvements on tried and trusted ranges. By using a higher performing product contractors can ensure they are doing their job better, meaning less snagging further down the line and a happy customer. It certainly pays to keep up to date.

About Knauf

Knauf is one of the largest producers of plasterboard in the UK and the biggest manufacturer of gypsum in the world.

Part of the Knauf Group, a family-owned group of companies that manufactures building materials globally, Knauf UK sells plasterboard, finishes, metal sections, flooring, external renders, insulating laminates, drywall accessories and more.

Find out more about Knauf by visiting

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