News in Focus: High demand for skills in the renewable energy sector

News in Focus: High demand for skills in the renewable energy sector

The job market for sole traders and business owners is booming, and the demand for skilled workers is set to increase.


The UK government has set out plans to invest £90 billion into a net zero nation, which is reported to create 440,000 new jobs.

This is great news for tradespeople who will be needed to meet ambitious targets. Expect an increase in employment opportunities across sectors, and higher wages for specific skills.

Here is a breakdown of the areas where growth is predicted to occur, including highly sought after experience.

Wind Turbines

Wind power contributed 24.8% of UK electricity supplied in 2020. And with investment into off-shore wind farms set to explode, the opportunities for certain trades is growing rapidly.

Skills in demand: Construction, Electrical, Engineering

Solar Panels

The trade association believes 13,000 solar energy jobs will be created in the coming years. And it may be easier than you think to transition into the sector. Electricians and engineers looking to move into renewables will probably have the required skills already.

Skills in demand: Installation, Electrical, Roofing, Engineering, Scaffolding

Electric boilers and heat pumps

Gas boilers are being phased out from 2025, pathing the way for electric boilers. There is already a huge demand for multi-skilled plumbers, and earnings in this sector can easily reach £150,000 a year.

Skills in demand: Electrical and Plumbing

As mentioned, if you work in any of the high demand areas, your skills will be transferable in the renewable energy sector.

Let us know in the comments below, if you’ve seen growth in certain areas of the business. Are you booking more clients and contracts? Charging more for your skills?

We’re keen to hear your thoughts.

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