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Help keep waterways clear this Unblocktober

How a simple change in your habits can help the environment.

In 2017, an object the length of two football pitches was discovered in the depths of Central London. It weighed more than 11 double-decker buses and took a team of eight people 13 weeks to remove.

This world famous discovery was the largest of its kind, and to date nothing has come close to rival, ‘Fatty McFatberg.’

Fatty McFatberg was a fatberg, a huge collection of waste and fat that formed to block up a sewer system beneath the streets of the capital. As more waste was flushed down toilets and dumped down drains, the bigger the fatberg grew.

Most of the waste removed from the sewer was converted into biodiesel, but some was kept and put on display at the Museum of London.

How did this happen?

Every year millions of people around the UK flush items down the toilet and pour waste down their drains. And it’s this build up of waste in our drainage systems that form monsters like ‘Fatty McFatberg’.

Blockages can lead to minor problems such as slow drainage in the home, or can result in more serious issues such as localised flooding.

Here’s an idea of what is being poured and flushed into our pipes, each year:

  • 11 million tonnes of plastic
  • 1.8 billion cotton buds
  • Almost 50% of the British public have flushed wet wipes
  • Almost 50% pour fat, oil and grease down the drain

What can you do?

Unblocktober has a simple aim; to raise awareness about the waste we dump through our homes, in the hope our habits will change.

So, this October think twice about pouring that cooking oil down the kitchen sink. Give the environment a break and avoid tossing wet wipes down the toilet.

32,000 people made a pledge to Unblocktober in 2021, and they need you on board this year, too.

To find out more and sign-up for your Unblocktober resource pack, head over to

And remember, the next ‘King of Fatbergs’ is one flush away from taking over the world.

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If you’re a plumber, what is the strangest object you have pulled out of a toilet?
And how do you plan to support Unblocktober this year?

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