News in Focus: £5000 for home owners to install heat pumps

News in Focus: £5000 for home owners to install heat pumps

With Cop26 winding down, plans for a green future are set to stamp out emissions.


As gas prices continue to rise, the government is offering £5000 grants for homeowners to install heat pumps. The funds will be available from April 2022, but critics have voiced concern that this won’t be enough.

There are currently 25 million homes in the UK using gas boilers, and only 90,000 homes will be offered the incentive to replace their current heating system.

And there is some confusion surrounding how much air source heat pumps will set consumers back.

The BBC have quoted anywhere between £6000 – £18000
Ovo Energy state a pump will cost between £2000-£9000
And The Eco Experts have predicted a price of £6000-£8000

At this stage it’s not clear if these costs include installation, an on-site survey, or planning permission from local authorities. It’s also suggested that insulation inside the home is air tight to make the heat pump as efficient as possible.

When these extra expenses are added up, that £5000 on offer won’t stretch very far.

And what about high rise buildings? How will heat pumps keep offices or homes warm on the 30th floor?

There also needs to be a discussion on the risks of digging around the foundations of properties. If a row of terrace houses are all drawing heat from below, is there a danger of landslides or sinkholes?

However, there is good news for sole traders and business owners. The government’s plan to reduce emissions is set to support 240,000 jobs, with engineers, plumbers, and electricians set to bank in on the scheme.

For more info on energy alternatives, check out our blog here.

So what do you think? Has Boris solved the climate crises? Or is the £5000 grant for homeowners just another load of hot air?

And what does this mean for the industry? More work? An increase in contracts?

Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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