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New year, new numbers. How much will tradespeople earn in 2022?

The rates of pay have been calculated, and electricians are set to make the most money in 2022. Read on to find out how much you should be earning.

Before we get started, it’s worth noting that the salaries quoted are averages, and may vary across different trades and parts of the country.

Construction industry

The construction industry has managed to weather the storm over the past eighteen months. Larger construction contracts have continued, and home renovation projects have kept the industry on its feet.

That being said, the industry has seen some set backs. Since the UK left the European Union, many tradespeople, who worked and lived in the UK, have gone back to their home countries.

Add to this the border closures that have put a dent in freedom of movement and it’s easy to understand the current pressures certain trades are under.

Simply put, there’s plenty of opportunity out there, but not enough experienced tradespeople to meet demand.

Yes, it takes time to train fresh talent, but it’s predicted that labour pressures will ease in the coming months.

And there is a great incentive to learn a trade and become your own boss.


Certain trades are desperate to find talent and companies are willing to pay more to fill gaps in the market.

Full-time earnings in the construction industry have continued to increase year on year, especially for hourly and weekly rates.


Full-time annual earnings in the construction sector


And if we break down earnings by trade, electricians have been top of the list for eight years in a row.

This makes sense. With many sectors of the industry moving toward renewable energy, it’s clear why electricians are in demand. Wind farms, solar, domestic heating systems, and other types of renewable energy, currently depend on electricity.

Plumbers are making more cash, too. According to plumbers can charge around £40 to £60 pound an hour across the country, and as much as £80 per hour in London.


2021 Trades Salary Survey: Electricians earn the most for eight years in a row.

The next twelve months

It’s difficult to predict what will happen in 2022, and as the threat of disruption continues to cloud over our lives, things can change quickly. However, for the construction industry the year ahead is looking positive. Opportunities are everywhere you look and demand for labour is high.

Part of this growth is a result of consumers eager to invest in projects, such as home expansions, to improve their standard of living.

Rates of pay are also expected to remain at the top end of the scale and should attract new talent into the industry from within the UK and abroad.

In a recent announcement, London mayor Shdiq Khan is calling for temporary work visas for builders to help with labour shortages.

So what did you think? Do these numbers reflect how much you’re earning in your trade?
Or are you earning more or less?

Tradesman Saver are keen to know what your thoughts, so please leave a comment below.

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