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Innovative company on a mission to make homes havens for wildlife

Cornish company Green&Blue are the team behind the Bee Brick, an innovative home for solitary bees which is starting to become part of planning policy across the United Kingdom.

The rate of new homes and developments being built means we are losing green space at a dramatic rate and this is a massive factor in the decline in species we are facing in the UK. Green&Blue believe that every house built without provision for nature is a missed opportunity for us to co-exist with wildlife and to reverse this decline.

What is the Bee Brick?

Green&Blue invented the Bee Brick back in 2014 and went on to win the Soil Association award for innovation that year. The Bee Brick is inspired by the way that cavity nesting solitary bee species like red masons and leafcutters have historically found a nesting site in crumbling brick and mortar work. As our homes become ever more perfect and modern building methods leave less nooks and crannies, species like solitary bees have less nesting spaces like this.

The Bee Brick is the same dimensions as a UK brick and is made by the Green&Blue team from their Cornish workshop. The brick is concrete, but made from 75% waste material from the Cornish china clay industry, reducing the environmental impact of cement. Bee Bricks contain cavities in which solitary bees will nest but are solid at the back so no bees enter the property. Bee Brick isn’t the kind of space that is attractive to wasps but will attract non-swarming solitary bee species who rarely sting, making them safe to encourage and enjoy around children and pets.

Nesting for other wildlife species

Alongside the Bee Brick Green&Blue also design and make a range of integrated habitat products for other wildlife species facing similar declines, this includes swifts, sparrows and bats. Their mission is to make homes havens for wildlife and to work with developers and tradespeople to create habitat in the framework of a home. Just by using a Green&Blue integrated nesting brick or block in place of a standard house brick or block you can create a lifelong habitat for species who are otherwise losing their homes at a massive rate.

Reconnecting people with nature

The pandemic really made people aware of the solace and safety to be found in the natural world and made people ever more determined to protect green spaces and wildlife. The Green&Blue team desperately want to reconnect people with nature, believing that the more we understand the challenges the natural world faces the more able and committed we will be to protect it. By sharing stories around species like the swift, a beautiful bird who’s population has declined by around 50% in the last 20 or so years, the Green&Blue team believe they can inspire more people to take small actions like installing nestboxes that really can help.

Who are Green&Blue?

Based in the seaside town of Perranporth, on the North Cornish coast, Green&Blue are a little company with a big heart. They design and make a range of products which support their mission to make homes havens for wildlife. Their range includes birdfeeders, birdhouses, the award winning bee brick and other products for bats and hedgehogs. The company is B Corp certified which is a clear sign of their commitment to doing the best they can for people and for the planet, a living wage employer and members of 1% for the planet. The team work passionately to create space for nature and to share stories that inspire their community to care for our wildlife, because we all need to be part of halting the decline in nature.

Green&Blue celebrate their 18th birthday in 2023, having been founded by husband and wife duo Gavin and Kate Christman back in 2005.

Faye Treffry

Faye is Director and Head of Growth at Green&Blue, shaping the companies mission to make more homes havens for wildlife and to reconnect people with nature.

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