Time To Level Up: The Benefits Of Advancing Your Training As A Tradesman

Time To Level Up: The Benefits Of Advancing Your Training As A Tradesman


So, we’re already well into the New Year and cracking on with those New Year’s Resolutions. Yet whilst you might be busy working on losing weight or giving up a bad habit, have you thought about how much you could benefit by dedicating 2018 to advancing your training skills to the next level?

With the industry as a whole crying out for skilled tradesmen, investing in your own personal development could well be the best move you make your career all year.

Here’s just a few of the biggest benefits you’ll see by taking your skills to the next level.

tradesman training

Stay ahead in an ever-evolving industry

One minute, we think we know everything there is to know about the tools and techniques we need to do our jobs well.

The next, we’re faced with drones, 3D printing, and something called augmented reality. That’s before we mention new rules and regulations coming into play, and a whole host of changes to the way we work.

Committing to training means we’re not left in the dust of an industry which continues to evolve at a rapid pace, but this isn’t simply about keeping up and treading water. It’s about getting ahead and learning new skills and best practices that can help us to work smarter, faster, and more productively.

The end result? A reputation for producing better quality work in less time than those tradesmen who continue to use the same old, tired tools and techniques

invaluable to customers

Make yourself invaluable to customers & employers

Of course, this isn’t just about bragging rights. Having advanced level skills can make you indispensable as a tradesman, especially at a time when the skills you possess are in short supply.

For self-employed tradesmen, your new-found know-how can prove attractive to customers who need the kind of work carrying out that you previously weren’t able to do.

On a similar note, training in an entirely new discipline makes you a top choice for customers who need multiple jobs doing. Rather than paying, say, a separate plumber and electrician, to carry out two jobs, being able to pay a multi-skilled professional like you to do both saves them money, time, and hassle.

Meanwhile, tradesmen working for an employer can prove themselves valuable commodities for any company, able to adapt to different roles and assignments.

You don’t need us to tell you how important this could prove to be at a time when the construction industry is facing its most challenging period in recent years.

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cut costs

Cut the cost of solving problems

You’re a self-employed tradesman and you encounter a problem that’s way beyond your skill level.

What do you do?

Have a stab at it anyway and hope for the best, knowing full well that getting it wrong could spell disaster for the entire project? Or bring in someone with the advanced level skill who’ll fix the problem and charge you a packet for doing so?

Neither option is exactly ideal, is it? But there is a third way?

Take the training and learn how to solve those high-level problems yourself, so that the next time you’re faced with one, you’re able to tackle it yourself, without paying over the odds for a specialist consultant.

increase worth

Increase your worth

This is what it all ultimately comes down to:

The more skills and knowledge you possess, the more you can do for your customers and employers. The more you can do for them, the more you’re worth to them and, you guessed it, the more you can charge.

For self-employed tradesmen, diversifying your skill-set or taking your existing skills to the next level allows you to offer more services to clients, and even allows you to increase your fees if your new training allows you to provide better value for money to your clients.

For those working for an employer, advancing your skills means improving your chances of a promotion, pay rise, or even finally landing the job of your dreams.

How are you advancing your training in 2018? How have you benefited from previous training you’ve undertaken? Get involved in the conversation on Facebook or Twitter, or join in with the comments below.

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