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As financial pressures rise across the UK, many self-employed tradespeople are looking to cut costs wherever possible. Unfortunately, this often means reducing or removing vital insurance protections. Recent data shows over 6 million people cancelled insurance products like home, health and motor policies within 6 months alone.

While dropping your tradesman’s insurance may seem like an easy way to save money, it exposes your finances and livelihood to hidden dangers. At Tradesman Saver, we strongly advise thinking carefully before reducing covers that could save you thousands if the worst happens.

Why Cutting Insurance Seems Tempting

Times are extremely tough financially across all sectors, so it’s understandable why insurance is on the chopping block for many traders right now. Public liability, professional indemnity and other tradesman policies also represent a major regular outlay.

However, always remember that accidents and mistakes can and do happen, even to the most experienced operators. Tradesman insurance exists to protect you when disaster strikes. Removing this safety net leaves you and your business vulnerable at the worst possible time.

Over £1 Million at Risk by Skimping on Cover

Let’s say you choose to cancel your public liability insurance to put £100 back in your pocket each month. This seems like an easy saving initially. But even a single minor claim from a customer falling over a misplaced toolbox can easily exceed £5,000 in compensation and legal costs.

For context, the average tradesman liability claim comes to around £14,000. More serious claims involving property damage, long-term health impacts or disability often reach six figures.

Without insurance, just one major claim could instantly force your business into bankruptcy and destroy your personal finances too. This disastrous outcome is why paying a few hundred pounds annually for public liability insurance is only sensible.

Why Specific Tradesperson Covers Are Vital

As well as general tradesman’s policies, more tailored insurance products protect you against specialised risks:

Public Liability Insurance – Legally, customers can claim compensation if your work leads to property damage or personal injuries. This insurance covers any damages and legal bills.

Employers’ Liability Insurance – Legally required if you have staff or apprentices. It covers workplace injury and illness compensation for employees.

Professional Indemnity Insurance – Specialist work like designs and consulting advice require this cover. It protects against negligence claims from customers if your expert input causes them losses.

Tools Insurance – With trade tool theft rising over 25% in parts of the UK, this cover has become almost mandatory. It protects against having to replace stolen or damaged equipment.

Don’t Risk Your Business and Reputation

Attempting to save a few hundred pounds annually may seem tempting in tough financial conditions. But removing vital tradesman’s insurance leaves your business finances and professional reputation wide open to situations that could completely sink your enterprise.

Here at Tradesman Saver, our message is don’t risk it all purely to reduce outgoings. We’ll work with you to tailor covers and payment plans to suit your budget without compromising essential financial protection against a major claim down the line.

Our team is ready to help via phone on 0800 121 8748 or email and live chat. Get in touch today to discuss your insurance needs.

Becoming a trusted trader in the UK can significantly boost your business’s reputation and customer base. Joining a trusted trader scheme, endorsed by local authorities and Trading Standards, demonstrates your commitment to high standards and customer satisfaction. This article explores the benefits of being a trusted trader and how to join a scheme.

What is a Trusted Trader Scheme?

A trusted trader scheme is a local authority-run program that vets and endorses reputable businesses. These schemes aim to protect consumers from rogue traders and help them find reliable tradespeople. Joining a scheme shows potential customers that your business meets strict standards and has been assessed by trading standards professionals.

While there are national Trusted Trader schemes in the UK, such as Which?, there are also local council trader schemes you could join, which are typically a great way of attracting local clients as a sole trader or contractor.

What are the Benefits of Joining a Trusted Trader Scheme?

  1. Increased Credibility: Displaying the trusted trader logo on your website, vehicles, and marketing materials can help to instil confidence in potential customers.
  2. Improved Visibility: Many schemes feature an online directory where customers can search for endorsed traders in their area.
  3. Customer Assurance: Customers know that trusted traders have been thoroughly vetted and meet high standards of workmanship and customer service.
  4. Dispute Resolution: Some schemes offer mediation services to resolve disputes between traders and customers, protecting your business’s reputation.

How to Join a Trusted Trader Scheme in the UK:

Check Your Eligibility

Each scheme has its own eligibility criteria, but most require:

Apply Online or Enquire

Visit your local authority’s website or the specific scheme’s website to apply online or enquire about joining. You’ll typically need to provide:

Undergo an Assessment

Once your application is reviewed, an assessor will visit your premises to:

The assessor will then report back to the scheme’s team, who will decide whether to endorse your business.

Maintain High Standards

After joining a scheme, you must maintain the high standards that earned your endorsement. This includes:

Trusted Trader Schemes Across the UK:

England and Wales

In England and Wales, trusted trader schemes are typically run by local authorities in partnership with Trading Standards. Some well-known schemes include:


In Scotland, the trusted trader scheme is supported by Police Scotland and the Trading Standards Scotland. Businesses must meet strict criteria and undergo comprehensive checks to be endorsed.

Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland’s trusted trader scheme is run by the Department for the Economy and supported by local authorities and Trading Standards.

Common Questions About Trusted Trader Schemes:

How long does it take to be endorsed?

The endorsement process typically takes 4-6 weeks, depending on the scheme and the size of your business. Some local council trusted trader schemes may take longer, whereas others may only take a few days.

Is there a fee to join a scheme?

Most schemes charge an annual membership fee to cover the costs of assessments, monitoring, and administration. Fees vary by scheme and business size.

How can customers find trusted traders?

Customers can search for trusted traders on the scheme’s website or directory, usually by trade and location.

What happens if a customer complains about a trusted trader?

The scheme will investigate the complaint and may revoke the trader’s endorsement if they are found to have breached the scheme’s standards.

Becoming a trusted trader can take your business to new heights. By joining a trusted trader scheme and protecting your business with comprehensive insurance from Tradesman Saver, you’ll show customers that you’re a tradesperson they can trust.

Get a quote from Tradesman Saver today and let us cover the rest while you focus on getting the job done right.

Protecting Your Business as a Trusted Trader, With Tradesman Saver Insurance Cover

Joining a trusted trader scheme is an excellent way to showcase your business’s reliability and commitment to customer satisfaction. However, it’s still essential to protect your business with comprehensive insurance coverage.

Tradesman Saver offers tailored insurance packages for trusted traders, including:

With premiums starting from less than £54* per year, Tradesman Saver can help you safeguard your business while you focus on delivering top-quality work as a trusted trader.

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