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Working as a shelving and rack installer comes with various dangers, including falling from height and trapping your fingers. Not only this, but you risk injuring others and damaging their property too, which can lead to costly compensation claims against your business. All of this makes a comprehensive shelving and rack installation insurance policy essential.

Why public liability insurance is critical

Public liability insurance will protect you if you injure a customer or member of the public, or damage their property. For example, somebody could trip over your tool box, or you could badly damage a client’s wall when attempting to put up a shelf or rack. With public liability cover, it will be your insurer and not you that foots the bill for any resulting compensation claims against you. You can purchase this as part of Tradesman Saver’s automatic package, which also covers you for financial loss, legal expenses, and more.

Why you need other covers too

As touched upon, you and your staff also face certain risks on the job. Perhaps an employee strains a muscle transporting a unit from A to B, for instance. With employer’s liability, your business is also protected if an employee claims against you for any harm suffered while working, while personal accident insurance covers the costs involved if you or a member of staff can’t work because of injury. Other beneficial covers include tool insurance to replace any stolen, damaged or lost tools right away, and professional indemnity insurance if your business is sued for any errors it makes.

Here at Tradesman Saver, our specialist team is here to guide you on the insurance you require as a shelving and rack installer. Get a quote to start building a tailor-made insurance package that’s perfect for you.

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Do shelving and rack installers need insurance?

Shelving and rack installation insurance keeps your business from financial harm if it’s faced with costly compensation claims, as you won’t have to pay these yourself. With policies such as public and employer’s liability insurance, you will certainly have much greater peace of mind.

How much shelving rack and installation insurance cover do I need?

The amount of shelving and rack installation insurance you require is impacted by things including how many employees you have, how often you come into contact with the public, and the size of your contracts. For example, the bigger the contracts you work under, the more cover you’ll likely need.

How much does shelving rack and installation insurance cost?

The cost of shelving rack and installation insurance is affected by factors like the amount of cover you require, your claims history and how risky your work is. We will ask you for all the relevant information when you apply for a free Tradesman Saver quote so we can provide a precise price estimation.

It Shouldn’t Happen To A Shelving & Rack Installer

Here are some examples of claims:


Example 1

You’re working on a construction site and you leave your tools on site to grab some lunch during your break. But when you return to the site, you discover all your tools have been stolen. Fortunately, your tools & equipment insured has your back – your insurer pays to replace the stolen tools, so someone else’s greed doesn’t have to cost you your livelihood.

Example 2

Your employee is carrying some heavy racking on a job in a customer’s premises, but the weight causes them to put their back out and leaves them in considerable pain. They decide to seek compensation from you for their injury. Your employer’s liability insurance is champion here – it will cover the costs of the compensation, so you can focus on running your business.

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