Why is liability insurance so important for a roofer?

Why is liability insurance so important for a roofer?


Liability insurance is something that all businesses should possess, no matter what line of the industry they are in, their size and the contracts they work on, or the potential for risk that could occur. However, one type of job demands the need for public liability insurance much more than any other. If you’re operating or working within a roofing business it’s important that your business possesses valid public liability insurance, in order to protect you in the event of a claim made against you by a third party – whether that’s through injury or damage to the property or establishment that you’re working on.

What is public liability insurance?

Public Liability Insurance is one of the main types of insurance that businesses should look into acquiring in order to help them safeguard against any third party claims they could face. A third party is considered to be anyone who isn’t working directly for the business. This can include members of the public, other contractors from other businesses and anyone else who doesn’t work directly for you.

Unlike employer’s liability insurance, public liability insurance isn’t a mandatory requirement in the UK. Subsequently, many employers and small businesses choose to go without it, in order to avoid the initial cost of a whole new insurance plan. Public Liability Insurance, however, will cover you against any compensation packages, medical bills, and court hearings that are made against your business.

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Let’s imagine the scenario you’d be faced with if you didn’t have any third party cover for your business, and a member of the public was injured as a result of your work. You would be forced to pay out large sums – out of your own pocket – rather than be protected by your public liability insurance plan. This sort of financial strain can cause serious damage to the health of your business and the livelihoods of your employees.

Why is liability insurance important for a roofer?

Public Liability Insurance is arguably more necessary in certain trades than others. For instance, if you’re a copywriter who works from home, the chances of a third party member of the public making a claim against you is unlikely. However, if you’re a roofer, there’s many threats and dangers which can occur, that can result in claims made against you. Working from a height creates added dangers that aren’t necessarily equated with being on the ground. Whether it’s falling equipment, damage to property or injury to your own employer’s, liability insurance is vital for businesses working within the roofing industry.

  • Working at heights

Naturally, when you’re working within the roofing industry you’re going to be working at a height and above the ground. Automatically, this creates a greater danger or threat than jobs that are solely operating on the ground. Although you’re high up and away from members of the general public, it can actually mean that the general public are more at risk, simply because they are not always aware of the roofers operating above.

Working at heights can be dangerous work, especially when we consider some of the adverse weather conditions that we experience in the UK. Your employees will be covered against any falls or injury incurred by your employer’s liability insurance, however, scaffolding and roofing can often be a place where children like to play – in spite of the obvious risks this can create. Your public liability insurance will also have you covered in the event of an unfortunate injury made in relation to your scaffolding and equipment.

  • Falling equipment

Another danger of working from a height means that you can’t ensure that everything is secure while working from above. We’re obviously not talking about the scaffolding here, but your tools too. Whether you’re working on a roof in a rural district or a busy city centre there’s always the chance that members of the public or other contractors could be walking below. When this is considered, it’s important to realise the threat of falling equipment, drills for instance, that could seriously injure any passersby below. Your public liability insurance will cover you against any claims made by third parties, and pay out on any compensation claims and medical bills that are made against you.

  • Damage to Property

When scaffolding has been erected around a property it can often cause a lot of unwanted but necessary hassle for the people living within the home or establishment. Although scaffolding is justified to ensure that a roofer is able to complete his job effectively, it can sometimes cause damage to paving below, as well as leave marks on the brickwork. When considering the dangers of these damages, homeowners are well within their rights to claim against any damages that occur to their property.

Furthermore, when replacing a roof in bad weather it can mean that the internal loft space of a home gets water damage and creates costly bills for the homeowner. In the event of a claim being made against you, your public liability insurance will have you covered.

Hopefully, this article has provided you with invaluable information as to why certain trades require public liability insurance more than others, especially in the case of our case study into the roofing industry.

When seeking to acquire public liability insurance for your business there isn’t a one size fits all package that insurance providers offer, and your premiums will vary depending on a number of different variables and the risks at bay. Tradesman Saver provides cost-effective and extremely competitive insurance quotes covering all the main areas of tradesman insurance. Whether you’re in need of public liability insurance, professional indemnity cover, employer’s liability insurance or vehicle and fleet hire you can be sure to find a solid deal with Tradesman Saver today.

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