Who needs Roofer’s Insurance?


It would be easy to respond to the question, “who needs roofer’s insurance?” by answering, “everyone involved in the roofing industry” – but that oversimplifies things. When deciding whether they need roofer’s insurance, roofing contractors need to know what why they need it and what it covers.

Why do you need roofer’s insurance?

Every business needs insurance because every business faces a wide range of risks. There is the risk that your property could be damaged or stolen. You may find that you are unable to work due to an injury or illness and that could mean lost wages. An employee or a member of the public could claim compensation from you if something you have done results in them being injured or their property being damaged.

But the risks that roofers face are increased due to the nature of the roofing business. Roofing contractors usually work at height, and that increases the risk of workers being injured as a result of a fall, as well as increasing the risk of falling objects injuring people below or damaging their property. Often, heat use is involved and that increases the risk that an accidental fire could be started. And because most roofing is done out in the open, there is a greater chance that property could be damaged by storm or stolen.

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Obviously if you are careful you can reduce the chances of these risks causing issues for your business, but it doesn’t matter how experienced you are, how careful you are and how much training you’ve had. Accidents are an unfortunately fact of life and sometimes, the consequences of an accident can be seriously expensive. This is why you need roofer’s insurance, to protect your business from potential claims and accidents.

A question that is often asked is why a standard insurance policy would not be suitable, particularly given that a standard insurance policy would usually be cheaper. The reason is that roofer’s insurance policies contain some very important differences compared to standard insurance policies.

What does roofer’s insurance cover?

Public liability insurance is the core cover of a roofer’s insurance policy. This covers compensation claims made by a member of the public who alleges that something you have done has injured them or caused damage to their property. Most importantly, a roofer’s insurance policy can be tailored so that the policy does not contain an overly restrictive height limit or an unworkable heat use exclusion, as some standard insurance policies do.

The policy can be extended to cover employer’s liability insurance, and again, it can be tailored so that the employer’s liability insurance does not contain an overly restrictive height limit. If you employ anyone, even if that employment is only on a casual basis, you’re legally required to have employer’s liability insurance. Anyone with employees that is found to be trading without employer’s liability insurance could face heavy fines.

Contract works insurance can also be added to the policy to protect your tools, equipment, materials and work in progress against accidental damage or loss due to theft. This includes equipment that you have hired in but are responsible for.

A wide range of other insurance covers are also available as options, such as Personal accident & sickness insurance, which protects your earnings if you are unable to work due to an accident or illness. This enables anyone who needs roofer’s insurance to tailor their insurance policy so that it matches their exact business needs, allowing you to make that you to get the right insurance cover for your roofing business.

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