Why do you need Roofer’s Insurance?

Why do you need Roofer’s Insurance?


Roofer’s insurance is more expensive than insurance for many other industries. Some roofers, particularly those that have never had to make a claim, might be wondering why they have to carry on paying their roofer’s insurance premiums.

So, why do you need roofer’s liability insurance?


Every business faces risks. There is the risk that your property could be accidentally damaged or stolen. There is the risk that you are unable to work due to an injury or an illness. There is the risk that an employee or a member of the public could be injured as a result of your activities, or you could damage a member of the public’s property.

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The unexpected costs that could arise as a result of any of these things happening would create financial issues for a business. But due to the unique nature of their trade, roofing contractors face a number of other, unique risks as well.

Working at height

Roofing work generally involves working at height. This increases the risk for two reasons. First, there is a chance that an employee could be badly injured in a fall. Second, there is a chance that a member of the public below could be injured, or their property could be damaged as a result of a falling object, which is covered by roofer’s public liability insurance.

Compensation claims for serious injuries can cost several hundred thousand pounds, so if such a claim was to occur and there was no insurance cover in place, it could threaten the roofing contractor’s business or possibly even result in that business ending up bankrupt.

A standard insurance policy will usually contain a height limit, which could mean that claims above that height would be excluded. In comparison, a roofer’s insurance policy will also contain a height limit, but this limit will usually not be as restrictive, which means that sometimes even claims slightly above that height would be covered.

Use of heat

Roofing often involves the use of heat. Whenever there is use of heat, there is an increased chance that accidental fires can be started. Even if the work is only being carried out on domestic properties, such a fire can lead to a claim costing tens, if not hundreds of thousands of pounds, and obviously the potential for even larger claims is there if the work is being carried out on commercial properties.

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Standard insurance policies exclude claims arising out of heat use, although that exclusion can be removed from roofer’s insurance meaning that such claims would be covered.

Working in the open

Because roofing work is almost always done outside, there is a greater risk of the materials being stolen, or the tools and materials on site and the work in progress being damaged by a storm. Protect yourself with Tools & Equipment Insurance.

What does roofer’s insurance cover?

The core cover of a roofer’s insurance policy is PL insurance. As mentioned, that can be tailored so that the policy does not contain an overly restrictive height limit or an unworkable heat use exclusion. Tradesman Saver also provides four other covers automatically. Have a look at our handy infographic for a bite-size view of this important cover [download this here]:

The policy can be extended to cover employer’s liability insurance, a legal requirement if you are an employer, and again, it can be tailored so that the employer’s liability Insurance does not contain an overly restrictive height limit.

Contract works insurance can be added to the policy to protect your tools, materials and work in progress against accidental damage or loss due to theft. A wide range of other insurance covers are also available as options, such as personal accident & sickness insurance which protects your earnings if you are unable to work due to an accident or illness, enabling you to ensure that you get the right insurance cover for your roofing business.

So, although you might be thinking, “why do you need roofer’s insurance when cheaper, standard insurance policies are available?”, the simple fact is that although the roofer’s insurance policy will cost more, that’s because it provides better protection for roofing contractors.

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