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When Tradesman Saver policy holders refer a friend, we’ll give £25 to them, and £25 to you.*

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    How it works

    1. Refer your best friend.

    Tradesman Saver policyholders!

    To share £50 with a friend, fill in the form at the top of this page.

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    This way we know who to send the £25 to.

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    ...letting them know what an amazing person you think they are.

    When your friend buys a new policy, you’ll both be quids in.

    3. Job done.

    It will take up to 60 days for you and your friend to receive £25 in the bank.

    A nice little earner for keeping your business in good hands.

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    you qualify

    Do you have an active policy with Tradesman Saver?


    Excellent! The £25 saving is available to you and 5 of your best buds.


    Unfortunately, the offer only applies to current Tradesman Saver policy holders.

    However, all is not lost.

    Our prices are among the best in the market, and with a new policy you can refer and save even more!

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    Do you know a tradesman who is looking for excellent insurance cover?


    Amazing, let them know there’s a free quote and £25 waiting for them at


    We hope this means all your friends and colleagues are covered already.

    No worries. We’re happy they’re protected. However, if their renewal date is due soon, why not help each other out and share £50.

    FAQ’s / What you need to know

    How can I qualify?

    Tradesman Saver policy holders can refer friends. If your friend purchases a Tradesman Saver policy, you both qualify to receive £25.

    Can I refer a friend who already has a Tradesman policy?

    The offer is open to customers taking out a new Tradesman Saver insurance policy. If they already have a policy with us, they will already be benefitting from excellent protection.

    How many friends can I refer?

    Each customer can refer a maximum of 5 people.

    When will I get my £25?

    There is a waiting period of up to 60 days from the day your friend’s policy starts. You will receive an email to confirm your reward has been transferred into your bank.

    Will I receive cash or a voucher?

    Once the terms have been met you will receive your reward on the card you purchased your policy with.

    What if my friend cancels their policy before the renewal?

    If you or your friend cancel the policy within 12 months, Tradesman Saver reserve the right to deduct £25 from any premium due. For additional cancellation fees, please check the terms of your policy.

    *Terms & conditions

    Click here to view terms and conditions

    *This indicative price is for £1m public and products liability, £250,000 legal expenses, £10,000 financial loss and £10,000 accidental death insurance cover for a sole trader. The price includes insurance premium tax but excludes our admin charge. 19% of new customers paid less than £59 between 1st January 2021 and 28th February 2021. The actual price you pay will depend upon your specific business requirements and will be affected by your trade, your claims history and the optional covers you select which are all priced separately during the quote process. This website is intended for customers based in the UK and is therefore subject to the UK regulatory regime(s) © Copyright 2022 Tradesman Saver | Tradesman Saver and Henry Seymour & Co. are trading names of Barkdene Limited which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FRN 303965) for our insurance distribution and credit broking activities. Barkdene Limited is a credit broker not a lender. You can check this on the Financial Services register.
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