What is Self-Employed Public Liability Insurance?

What is Self-Employed Public Liability Insurance?


If you are working on a self-employed basis, you need to consider whether your business needs to have UK liability insurance that meets your individual requirements. While there is no legal requirement to have public liability insurance as a self-employed person in the UK, it is good practice to take it out anyway because it provides you with protection against any kind of damage you may cause to a third party property or any injury to a member of the public.

What does self-employed public liability insurance cover?

A public insurance policy for self-employed individuals offers them protection in the event a third party makes a claim against them for the accidental damage they might have caused to their property or any injury. This type of insurance offers cover for a variety of businesses that includes tradesmen, builders, photographers, and more.

Multiple factors may have an impact on the level of public liability insurance your business needs to have. Some of the most important include the type of business you own, the popularity of your business, its turnover and whether or not you have employees.

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Besides offering you cover for any damage or injury caused to a member of the public, public liability insurance also covers the costs that are associated with a legal dispute. These usually include the cost of legal fees in defending a case, the costs of repairing related damage and any compensation costs claimed by the injured party.

Do I need public liability insurance if I’m self-employed?

Compensation claims can be expensive to settle. A claim for a serious injury can result in a compensation award in excess of £250,000 and once the legal fees and other associated costs and expenses have been factored in, the final settlement figure can end up considerably higher. Property damage can also result in sizeable claims. Accidental fires often result in compensation claims that would bankrupt someone who’s self-employed if they didn’t have insurance to cover them.

Compensation claims can also involve complex legal arguments, so having a liability insurer that can deal with the claim on your behalf can be a life-saver. Your liability insurer will deal with the solicitors so you don’t have to and can concentrate on running your business instead.

Although you’re not legally required to have public liability insurance, you might be contractually required to have it if you are working as a sub-contractor. Often you will not be allowed onto a work site until you have provided evidence that you have valid public liability insurance cover.

Having this type of insurance can often be a condition of your membership of a trade or professional body.

Why does my business need public liability insurance?

As the self-employed individual, you are likely to come into contact with members of the public. Whether they visit your home or you go to their premises, you might one day find yourself liable for damage or injury caused as a result of your business activities. If one of your clients blames your business for an accident, you can avoid facing a huge compensation claim if you have public liability insurance.

What factors affect the premium for public liability insurance?

The premium you have to pay for public liability insurance depends on a range of factors. More often than not, insurers will look at the size of your business, the level of your involvement with the public, the level of cover that you need, and the level of risk associated with your business’s line of work before offering you a quote.

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You can choose the level of cover you need. We offer a minimum of £1 million cover for a self-employed public liability insurance policy, and this should be more than substantial for a small-sized business. We can also offer optional employers’ liability insurance cover in the same policy, which is compulsory if you have any employees or sub-contractors working for you.

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