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Self-employed public liability insurance is a dedicated policy covering those that work for themselves. Though being self-employed grants you benefits like picking your own clients and setting your own working schedule, being your own boss means you’re also totally responsible for anything that goes wrong. Even with vigilance, unexpected accidents can often occur and perhaps even put the future of your business at risk. However, with self-employed public liability insurance, you’re protected if a customer, supplier, or member of the public suffers a personal injury or property damage due to your business’s activities.

Why do you need self-employed public liability insurance?

Even if you don’t work with members of the public on a regular basis, it’s likely that you’ll be dealing with customers or other third-parties in person from time to time. And no matter what your trade is, the smallest of mistakes can result in serious damage. For example, you could clumsily knock over and break a client’s expensive vase while visiting their home, or accidentally cause burns by spilling hot coffee over a customer’s lap during a job at their office. Either of these incidents could see you pay high compensation costs. However, with self-employed public liability insurance, we cover all compensation and legal expenses. 

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What’s included with our Automatic Cover

How our self-employed public liability insurance works

Our self-employed public liability insurance policy protects instantly you from the moment you purchase it. This is active no matter where you are when an accident occurs, regardless of whether you cause a personal injury or property damage in your own home, or somewhere else. Our typical public liability policies come with an indemnity limit of £1 million, however, if you don’t believe this is enough to cover a single claim, we can raise this to £2 million or £5 million. This may be necessary to meet the requirements of particular customers—for instance, local authorities usually ask for at least £5 million indemnity.

By taking out self-employed public liability insurance with us, you automatically receive four additional covers as part of our Tradesman Saver package. This includes products liability, which offers financial protection against damages or injuries caused by a product you’ve sold, supplied, or installed. Financial losses inflicted on a third-party are also covered, as are up to £250,000 worth of legal expenses. Finally, we include an accidental death policy, providing you with a lump sum payment of £10,000 if you or any employees are accidentally killed on the job.

On top of this five-part insurance package, you may wish to consider arranging some optional covers. For instance, employer’s liability is a legal requirement if you employ a team of staff, while income protection ensures you receive regular payments if an illness or injury means you’re temporarily unable to work. We can also protect the materials you use with our tools/equipment insurance, or safeguard you against any bad advice, poor designs, or unprofessional services you’ve provided with professional indemnity cover. Contact us to put together a self-employed insurance package perfectly tailored to your business.

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Do I need public liability insurance if I’m self-employed?

Having liability insurance is not legally required in the uk, but some people could need self-employed public liability insurance more than others. For example, construction work involves hazardous trade processes, so personal injuries and property damage are more likely to occur. The nature of this work also means you’re more likely to liaise with members of the public compared to somebody who works from a computer.

However, in short, everyone who is self-employed needs public liability insurance. Even if you typically work from home, an unexpected accident could easily happen if a customer has to visit your premises, or vice versa. Rather than risk paying huge expenses for your mistake, public liability cover ensures your business will never suffer a financial blow if the worst were to happen.

How much is self-employed public liability insurance?

The cost of your policy depends on many factors. As some trades are riskier than others, those working in the most hazardous professions will have to pay more for self-employed public liability insurance. The price is also affected by the size of your business, the indemnity limit you require, and your claims history.

Furthermore, you may need to pay more if you have more than one trade, as you’ll need to be covered for each one. You can select up to three occupations when you complete our online quotation form, which outlines the final cost of your policy. If you have more than three trades, contact us directly so we can arrange a bespoke policy just for you.

Will I automatically get self-employed public liability insurance with any Tradesman Saver policy?

Every Tradesman Saver includes public liability cover as standard. In addition to self-employed public liability, you’re also protected against legal expenses, financial loss, accidental death, and products liability. For more information on each of these automatic covers, please consult the dedicated section above.

Types of Self-Employed Insurance We Provide

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