Personal Liability Insurance

Find out if personal liability insurance is right for you and your business

Personal liability insurance offers cover for any claims taken out against an individual who is considered legally responsible for injury to another person, or for damage sustained to property. Personal liability insurance coverage is not a commonly-used policy in the United Kingdom and tends to be incorporated into existing home insurance, rather than for any workplace policies.

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Tradesman Saver offers a huge range of insurance policies to businesses in all manner of industries, looking to cover claims related to injury and property damage. As such, we frequently receive enquiries from potential customers who are looking for information about personal liability insurance coverage. Read on to learn more about when you might need personal liability insurance, what it covers, and which other forms of cover might benefit your business.

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What does personal liability insurance cover?

Personal liability insurance covers individuals in a similar way to how businesses are covered by public liability insurance. These policies protect against any harm which befalls an individual, or their property, as a result of any action you have undertaken. For example, personal liability insurance would cover you if you offered to clean a friend’s windows and accidentally broke a pane of glass when you were setting up your ladder. Public liability insurance would offer the same protection to a professional window cleaner.

Do I need personal liability insurance?

Businesses are not protected by personal liability insurance and individuals who are looking for protection for damage or personal injury claims made against their company should instead strongly consider taking out a public liability insurance policy. This offers full financial protection to any businesses whose activities are deemed legally responsible for any injury or damage to property sustained by a client, member of the public, or third party.

Public liability insurance also comes as one of five standard covers issued with any Tradesman Saver policy, alongside financial loss, products liability insurance, legal expenses cover and accidental death insurance. These have been chosen to create a cover that acts in the best interests of a huge range of businesses, with optional policies such as personal accident cover and employers liability insurance also available at an additional charge.

What’s included with our Automatic Cover

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