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Don’t Be Caught Out For Professional Negligence

Accidents come in all shapes and sizes in the business world. From public liability claims to claims made by your employees against you, there are many pitfalls you could fall into whilst running your trade business. But the one that most people don’t think about is the cases where it’s deemed that your business has been professionally negligent – and these are the kinds of claims where the costs can rack up pretty fast.

Please note that professional indemnity insurance is an optional cover that can be added to your policy. However, some trade policies are not offered professional indemnity insurance at all, so be sure to check the relevant trade page on our Trades section first to see if it is supplied as an optional cover for your trade.

Fortunately, professional indemnity insurance has your back in cases like these. It’s designed to protect your business against any claims of professional negligence that result in financial loss for the claimant, including libel and slander, unintentional breach of confidentiality, infringement of intellectual property rights, dishonesty of employees, loss of documents and previous partners or firms. This means that, in the event you were faced with a claim like this, your insurer would cover the costs of defending such a claim and would pay for any damages awarded to the claimant. More information related to your trade: Builders, Electricians, Self-employed professionals, Plumbers in the UK and Contractors.

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Can't fault the cost. No other company could offer the same level of cover for the price.

Chris Doyle

Very easy site to use and very competitive. Friendly all from the administration staff after on line quote . All in all pleased at the service so far.

Dermot Devlin

The Limits Of Professional Indemnity Insurance: What Do You Get?

 Our standard cover includes:

  • Up to £50,000 professional indemnity cover

Should you require higher limits of cover than this, please give us a call directly, and we’d be more than happy to arrange the cover you need over the phone.

Electrician’s & Electrical Contractor’s Professional Indemnity Insurance


While public liability may be at the forefront of your mind when you’re choosing the right insurance policy for you, professional indemnity can be just as important for electricians and electrical contractors. Because part of your job can involve producing designs and specifications, if there’s a problem with these and your client suffers a loss as a result, there’s a possibility a compensation claim could be lodged against you for professional negligence.

That’s where professional indemnity can help. Because it specialises in protecting businesses from claims of professional negligence, your insurer will help pay the costs of the claim, so you can focus on doing what you do best, instead of fretting about the impact on your business.

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Self-Employed Professional’s Professional Indemnity Insurance


For most self-employed professionals, professional indemnity insurance is crucial to protecting your business. Particularly for professionals who have to look after customer records, there’s a risk of unintentional breach of confidentiality, which could see you faced with a claim of professional negligence as a result of your client’s financial loss. In cases like these, it’s imperative to have a professional indemnity insurance policy in place, to protect yourself from these risks.

Provided you’ve purchased this cover, your insurer will either fight the claim for you, or pay the claim on your behalf. This means you can spend a little less time worrying about what the future holds for your business, and a bit more time running it.

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Builder’s Professional Indemnity Insurance


As a builder, you already probably know that you need public liability insurance, to insure you against any claims resulting from injury or damage to a third party’s property. However, what you may not realise is that professional indemnity insurance can be almost as instrumental in protecting your business as your public liability insurance.

Say you prepared some designs for a client, but they weren’t up to specification and the client suffered a financial loss as a result – that could potentially lead to the client filing a claim of professional negligence against you. And in that circumstance, without professional indemnity insurance, your claim wouldn’t be covered and you’d be left paying out of your own pocket. But, if you did happen to have professional indemnity insurance, not only would the claim be covered by the insurer, but they’d also fight the claim on your behalf. It’s one of those kind of covers that doesn’t seem all that important, but when you really need it, it could save your business from a big financial hit.

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Plumber’s Professional Indemnity Insurance


Working as a plumber, you’re probably already well versed in why public liability insurance is essential for the work you do. But the one type of insurance you may not have considered is professional indemnity. Unlike its more famous brother cover, professional indemnity insurance can be invaluable if you were faced with a claim of professional negligence due to, say bad advice which caused your client to suffer a financial loss as a result.

With professional indemnity insurance in place, if you were faced with such a claim, your insurer would cover the costs of the claim, as well as potentially fighting the claim on your behalf. This makes it an invaluable tool when it comes to protecting your business and your future.

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Contractor’s Professional Indemnity Insurance


As a contractor, while you may be aware that the most important thing to look for when choosing your insurance policy is public liability insurance, you may not be aware of how vital professional indemnity insurance is to what you do too. Protecting you from claims for professional negligence, professional indemnity is particularly important to contractors because it covers things like claims for bad advice or incorrect designs which resulted in a financial loss for the client.

By having it in your insurance policy, you’ll not only gain the peace of mind that in the event of a claim, your insurer will pay it, but your insurer will fight any claims like this on your behalf as well. This ensures that no matter what happens, you can keep your business afloat, even when faced with a claim like these.

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Professional Indemnity Insurance: Frequently Asked Questions

What if professional indemnity insurance is not available for my trade or profession?

If professional indemnity insurance isn’t available for your particular trade or profession, please give us a call to arrange a quotation for a separate professional indemnity insurance policy.

Do I need professional indemnity insurance?

Businesses usually take out professional indemnity insurance, or PI insurance, if they give advice, offer a professional service, or handle client data or intellectual property. If your business falls into these categories, then it would be beneficial to have professional indemnity insurance.

Is professional indemnity insurance compulsory?

Some professional bodies or regulators demand that their members, or the businesses they regulate, hold professional indemnity insurance. This generally applies to solicitors, accountants, architects, chartered surveyors, financial advisers and some healthcare professionals.

What is a retroactive date on professional indemnity insurance?

The retroactive date on your policy is the date from which you’ve held uninterrupted professional indemnity insurance, or a date in the past from which your insurer has agreed to cover you. Anything that happened before the retroactive date isn’t covered by your insurance.

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Our Reviews

4.9 / 5 Based on 983 Reviews
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Excellent and hassle free service

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