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Builder’s Personal Accident & Sickness Insurance: Explained

Building can be a fickle trade and although the sight of cranes dominating the skylines is a sign that business is booming, there are lean times too. However, builders are hard-working people whatever the weather, both literally and metaphorically.

If there’s work to be done, they’re generally up with the lark and heading to the site when the rest of us are probably hitting the snooze button for the fifth time.

Work is their livelihood and if they can’t slip on the heavy boots and hard hat every morning, they’ll soon get hit in the pocket.

Accidents can happen and there are few more hazardous working environments than a building site. With huge machinery moving all sorts of heavy machinery about and builders having to work on high, often unstable structures, the risks are obvious. Anything can happen in the blink of an eye which can have you injured for weeks or even months.

Likewise, builders are often exposed to harmful and toxic materials which can seriously damage their health over time.

Given that many builders work as contractors or are self-employed, they may not always have liability cover to fall back on. Being unable to work because of injury or illness will have a dramatic impact on yours and your family’s finances so you will want to know that someone can lend a helping hand while you are out of action.

Personal accident cover

If you suffer an injury which means you cannot work, personal accident insurance will help cushion the financial blow. It can help with hospital bills, medical treatment and it can also provide with a steady stream of income while you recover.

Depending on your policy, you will either receive a lump sum or a regular payment to cover your for the loss of earnings while you’re are not working.

Policies often vary on what they will pay out for personal accident cover, but some will provide with financial assistance even if the injury you suffered wasn’t during work.

Sickness cover

Builders can come into contact with hazardous materials and recent cases of compensation being awarded to workers whose health had been adversely affected by regular exposure to asbestos highlight the risks involved.

That may be an extreme case, but if you have suffered illness has a result of your work as a builder, then you’ll know how frustrating it is not to be able to go out and earn a living. Long-term sickness can affect you physically, mentally and financially. With sickness cover, you can receive financial assistance for the period you are unable to work.

Premiums you won't find on a comparison site

Starting at £54* per year

What else is covered?

As well as injury and illness, personal accident and sickness insurance also covers death. If you are killed at work or suffer a life-ending illness, your dependents will be taken care off financially. Although it will be of small comfort, it will help them show shoulder the financial burden when you’re gone.

Do I need builders personal accident and sickness insurance?

No two people are the same and ultimately you will decide whether to take out cover or not. You must weigh up the risks involved in your line of work with the cost of purchasing personal accident and sickness cover. For a builder who moves from job to job and works for a number of different employers or contractors, it may be useful if you are unable to work for an extended period of time, especially if you have a family to support.

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