Would You Hire A 3 Year Old Apprentice?

Posted on March 29, 2018
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Would you hire a 3 year old apprentice?

Adam Blackwell, 3 years old, has joined David Wilson Homes as their apprentice and was specially tasked with ‘overseeing’ the development of the Gillies Meadow development.

Adam made his mum Emma stop and watch the construction site every day to witness the vehicles in action, and is now “thrilled” that he gets to be a part of the construction team. His relationship with the site to date has really stimulated his imagination and we are all excited to see how this new adventure will inspire him.” Said Emma

Paul Crispin, Managing director, was “delighted” that young Adam was enjoying his time with the company. Adam hopes that when he is older he will be able to drive the dumper trucks and diggers as a career.

Adorable! We think we can spare Adam the usual apprentice pranks for a decade at least.



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