Training As A Plumber Changed This Man’s Life

Posted on March 2, 2018
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Meet the tradesman who went from council state to Kensington after becoming a plumber…

Stephen Fry was just 17 and living in Croxley Green when a local job centre suggested he undertake a plumbing apprenticeship – which would go on to change his life. After completing the 4 year apprenticeship where he earned £100 a week, Stephen went on to set up his own business. He has since joined Pimlico Plumbers and earns £210,000 a year.

Although being one of Pimlico’s best paid plumbers, he admits work can be draining and does a total of 58 consecutive hours at the beginning of the week, even being on call overnight on Monday and Tuesdays. Stephen is now earning seven times the average UK salary of £27,271

‘I enjoy my work. I’m a worker. I’ll be working till I drop, I think. On a Friday night, when people ask if I want to go for a beer, I am shattered. So it’s straight home to the family.” Says Mr Fry



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