Tradesman Has £4,000 Worth Of Tools Stolen While Filming For Famous TV Show DIY SOS

Posted on August 25, 2017
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Tradesman had £4,000 worth of tools stolen while filming for famous TV show DIY SOS. Drills, screws, grinders and more were amongst the equipment taken from the back of Brett Bradford’s van. Mr Bradford was filming for DIY SOS, helping to landscape the driveway when he returned to his van to see his equipment stolen.

“We were on such a high from everything going on and the incredible work that had taken place and then to have that happen felt like being hit by a sledge hammer.”

Thankfully, Satnam Singh Sagoo, a kind-hearted businessman stepped in and paid to replace some of the lost tools. He explained: “When I heard what had happened I knew we had to get involved and help anyway we could.”

Mr Bradford says although it left him and his team feeling frustrated and angry, the job had been “incredible for such a worthy cause – so [they] won’t let it dampen [their] spirits”.

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