Ten work vans a week are being broken into in Plymouth by thieves.


Ten work vans a week are being broken into in Plymouth by thieves.

Over 300 vanes have been broken into this year alone with Saltash, Honicknowle and Estover being at the forefront of this crime wave. In total 292 vans have been raided so far this year, compared to 107 in 2016. Between Devon and Cornwall, thieves have stolen tools with #331,000 this year in 1,1241, a giant increase from the 2016 figures of £132,000.

Luckily, police had a major breakthrough last month when they discovered two vans that were found full of specailist hand tools, power tools and gardening machinery that was suspected as stolen.

Police are doing all they can to decrease the theft but urge tradesmen to do all they can to protect their tools

Source: http://ow.ly/eBYn30eG4Z2

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