Pimplico Owner Says Workers Earn More Than Theresa May

Posted on March 9, 2018
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Charlie Mullins, the firm boss of Pimplico says 12 out of his 225 tradesman earn more than Thersea May

Charlie who is worth an estimated £75 million after setting up Pimlico Plumbers believes half of his workforce are on a wage higher than £100,000 a year.

Salaries are believed to be higher than normal due to the short demand of skilful workers in the industry, even increasing wages by 25% due to shortages. Stephen Fry, 34, who was working as a supermarket shelf stacker changed careers and is now earning £210,000 a year (and doesn’t even have to work weekends) is a self-employed tradesman for Pimlico Plumbers – although working 58 hours a week – he does not mind and admits to being one of Britains “best paid plumbers”

Charlie admits to charging more per hour than rival companies, but says his tradesman tend to work quicker than most others and hire the top tradesman in the industry, ‘I believe that you get what you pay for.” He says.

Charlie aims to run for mayor in 2020.


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