Cowboy Builders Are Costing The Economy £10 Billion

Posted on March 2, 2018
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Federation of Master Builders warns that homeowners are putting off home improvements due to fear of cowboy builders

One in three homeowners are reportedly delaying their house improvements due to rogue builders. The Federation of Master Builders has estimated the fear from homeowners has cost the UK economy £10 billion of work every year.

Homeowners are typically expected to spend an average of £40,000 over the span of five years on home improvement projects.

The chief executive of Federation of Master Builders, Brian Berry, would like the government to introduce a form of licensing to help regulate rogue builders –
“The Government should consider introducing some form of mandatory licensing system for domestic builders so that consumers know that all building firms have a base level of skill, competence and professionalism.”

“Unlike in Australia and Canada, in this country anyone can be a builder and that’s why there is a significant minority of rogue traders out there giving the whole construction industry a bad name.” Said Brian.

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