Could Construction Sites Be Human Free Within The Next Decade?

Posted on March 29, 2018
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Could construction sites be human free within the next decade?

With a heightened pressure on the UK conduction industry to deliver a significant amount of housing within ten years, many have wondered if the industry has the resources available to them to provide results. With less migrants within the force, will the industry look towards automation?

Publication “Development Finance Today” has polled industry professionals to see if they thought construction sites would be human-free within the next 10 years – 88% of industry professionals believed that we wouldn’t see human-free consultation sites.

“But despite the increasing levels of automation being seen on site, so far the technology is augmenting rather than replacing the human element.” Said Robert Simpsons, an associate director at Naismiths (a Chartered surveyor)

Many believed that humans and robots would have to work alongside and welcome more automation into the industry “The use of new technology can improve the level of health and safety within the construction sector, which has been a priority for many employers. As recruiters, we welcome new technology into the construction industry as our focus changes to finding people with specialised talent who can operate, maintain and supervise this machinery.” Said Nicholas McVeigh-Crabbe, a construction recruitment specialist.

Where do you see the construction industry in 10 years? Will you be working alongside robots?


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