Builders Surprise Disabled Girl With New Playhouse


Builders have chipped in with their own money in order to buy a playhouse for a disabled seven year old girl. The builders are currently doing work for Bernadette Speers, whose daughter Aimee-Leigh Groves suffers from a rare condition that leaves her unable to walk unaided.

The house will have a new bedroom and wet room for Aimee-Leigh, which will help relieve her mother from having to carry her upstairs. However, the builders didn’t stop there and decided to pool together toget a playhouse for the back garden.

“This is their hard-earned money and time. It will have a massive impact on her life and she is so happy with it.” says Bernadette. Colin Sutton, proprietor and plasterer of the firm, said Aimee-Leigh is a ‘lovely little girl’ and has also installed rails and plug sockets so Aimee-Leigh can watch TV in there if she wishes. Aimee-Leigh added: “The playhouse is very good. The builders have been very kind. It’s amazing.”

The builders have also bought her brother Daniel a Stoke City kit so he doesn’t feel left out.


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