Half Of Women Working In Construction Have Been Harassed

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Over half of the women working in construction have been harassed according to a study.

According to recruitment consultant Hays, 55% of women had suffered sexual discrimination with 31% experiencing it in the past year. The survey also asked men on their experiences, with 36% of men also saying they had been victimised.

Ann Bentley, global director for construction consultancy ‘Rider Levett Bucknell’ said she wasn’t shocked by the findings.

“When you tell most well-meaning men about this kind of thing they’re absolutely staggered, they say ‘no, no, this doesn’t happen anymore’. Women know it does. It only takes a very small number of harassers to have this impact.”

The news comes amongst harassment in the work workplace making headlines in recent months from top Hollywood directors and actors.

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Our Reviews

4.9 / 5 Based on 483 Reviews
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