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Don’t Be Held Liable For An Accident

In this day and age of compensation claims and frivolous lawsuits, small businesses can find it hard to stay afloat. Even a simple accident like nailing through a water pipe in a client’s property, could lead to huge compensation claims that, without the proper insurance in place, could end up running you into the hundreds of thousands. A comprehensive liability insurance policy is imperative for protecting yourself against this.

Liability insurance is a term loosely referring to any type of insurance policy that protects a person or business against a risk for which they may be held legally liable and sued. This includes injury, damage to property, negligence or malpractice. Liability insurance is designed to protect your business against this kind of a claim, meaning if an accident does happen, your insurer pays out the costs of the compensation, rather than you footing the bill yourself. It’s a basic necessity that all businesses would benefit from.

There are a number of liability insurance policies available for a mixture of different purposes.

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Can't fault the cost. No other company could offer the same level of cover for the price.

Chris Doyle

Very easy site to use and very competitive. Friendly all from the administration staff after on line quote . All in all pleased at the service so far.

Dermot Devlin

Public Liability Insurance


The most typical type of liability insurance that all businesses could benefit from, public liability insurance covers businesses against claims made by customers or members of the public. It protects against claims involving both injury and property damage as a result of your business activities, as well as any related costs or legal fees.

Some key examples of where this insurance would be necessary are:

  • A customer slipping and falling on a wet floor and injuring themselves
  • A builder puncturing a water pipe in a building they are working on, causing flooding which results in substantial damage to the property
  • Spilling hot coffee over a client while having a consultation
  • A caterer causing guests to contract food poisoning at a wedding reception where they are catering
  • A painter accidentally knocking paint over a customer’s expensive carpet
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Products Liability Insurance


While not as typical as public liability insurance, products liability insurance is useful to anyone that sells, supplies or install products as part of their business. It protects against claims made due to the injury of a customer, member of the public or damage to property. It is important to remember with this type of insurance that even if you didn’t manufacture the product, the person affected may still hold you legally responsible for any faults and defects, and cause them to make a claim against you initially.

Some key examples of where this insurance would be necessary are:

  • An electrician fits a new plug in a home, but the plug is faulty and electrocutes the customer when they plug something in, causing them great injury
  • A plumber installs a faulty valve that causes a leak and floods the property, resulting in substantial water damage
  • A roofer is re-roofing a property, but the roof tiles haven’t been cured correctly and they crack. As a result, they slide off the roof and cause injury to a passer-by
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Employer’s Liability Insurance


One of the most important liability insurance covers, employer’s liability insurance is a legal requirement for any business that employs staff. It’s designed to protect your business against an employee suffering an injury or illness as a result of working for you and claiming compensation, and it covers a vast amount of accidents in the workplace.

Some key examples of where this insurance would be necessary are:

  • An employee is using a ladder on a job, when the ladder breaks and they fall, sustaining significant injury
  • An employee causes a power failure in a building you’re working on, causing another employee to fall down a flight of stairs, leaving them with substantial injuries
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Professional Indemnity Insurance


Providing cover against claims of professional negligence, professional indemnity insurance, or professional liability insurance, protects businesses from defending themselves against claims such as these and the damages that might be awarded to the claimant. It covers claims for financial loss due to bad advice, which can be particularly useful if your business provides consultations. This type of liability insurance is starkly different from other forms of liability insurance, because the cover is generally arranged on a ‘claims made’ basis, meaning that the policy will only cover claims made during the policy period.

Some key examples of where this insurance would be necessary are:

  • An electrical contractor certifies an electrical system as up to standard. The client later discovers that it doesn’t comply with current standards and has to pay to have it re-done
  • A contractor won a tender to build a commercial building, and sub-contracted the design work to a firm of architects and structural engineers. Unfortunately, incorrect design led to the foundations being laid out incorrectly, which resulted in increased costs, a delay to the project and the work having to be re-done. The claim was made against the building contractor in the first instance
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Our Reviews

4.9 / 5 Based on 950 Reviews
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