Why do you need Dog Walker’s Insurance?


Dog walking is one of the most rewarding ways to make money, because it gives you the chance to get fit while enjoying the company of fluffy and adorable pets. For some, it’s a way to make money on the side, while for others, it’s a calling and a lucrative business, but in either case, it doesn’t come without it’s hazards; that’s why insurance is a worthwhile investment.


What does dog walking insurance cover?

As simple as it sounds, dog walking requires some good planning and adhering to guidelines. Moreover, you will need to be covered by insurance that covers the many things that could go wrong when you are looking after someone’s furry friend.

Insurance is one of the main costs of setting up a dog walking business, but the good news is that we offer a complete package that includes public liability for those situations when the dog runs out into the road, or for those situations when your little friend decides to bite someone. It even covers injury to the dog you’re looking after, so even if they sustain an injury under your care, your insurance will still protect you.


Employer’s liability insurance

Another thing to look into when choosing dog walking insurance is employer’s liability insurance. This is particularly useful if you’re employing staff members in your dog walking business. This protects your employees from damages they might sustain at work, including bites, and protects your business from any compensation claims they might file against your business.


What to look for when choosing dog walker’s insurance

It’s important, when you choose your policy, that you get your insurance policy with a company that specialises in the profession, like us. Because of our wealth of experience in the industry, we understand exactly the protection a business like yours needs. We’re able to offer you comprehensive cover to suit all your needs at exceptionally competitive rates. It’s worth taking a look at the host of additional covers we can offer you too, such as equipment insurance and business contents insurance, as these will ensure all your business’ assets are well protected.

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