What Insurance do Pet Sitters need? 

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For many people, pets are just another part of the family. Pet owners take great care of their pets and when they entrust them into the hands of a pet sitter, they expect that level of care and attention to be maintained. If you work as a pet setter, you’ll understand the need for top-class care. Not only will it gain you a good reputation, but it will mean that you are well-equipped to deal with any unexpected problems.

Part of being prepared is to have pet sitters’ insurance in place. This will protect your business from claims made against you and can also help you when you are out of work due to injury or illness. Having insurance will also make you a more attractive prospect for clients who will feel their pet is in good hands with someone who is leaving nothing to chance.

But what kind of insurance do you need as a pet sitter?


Public liability insurance

This is probably the most vital component of any business insurance policy. However, for pet sitters, there can be many more strands to public liability cover than other forms of work. Public liability normally protects you for claims made against by clients or members of the public. When you throw in animals to the equation, things can become more complex. For example, if you’re walking a dog and he attacks a member of the public or damages their property, you could be open to a claim.

If you are minding a pet at a client’s home, you could also be liable if you cause any damage to their property or injure their pet in any way.

Considering public liability claims can run into tens of thousands of pounds, it is essential to have the right cover in place.


Employer’s liability insurance

If you employ anyone else in your pet sitting business, even if it is only on a casual basis, you are required by law to have employer’s liability. This will protect you for claims made against you by employees who have been injured, taken ill or had their property damaged as a result of working for you.


Personal accident & sickness insurance

Many pet sitters may operate on a freelance basis and rely on steady work to maintain income. If you’re injured or sick and unable to work, personal accident and illness cover can help make up for lost earnings while you’re out of action.

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4.9 / 5 Based on 1016 Reviews
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