What Are Tradesman Pay Rates in 2017/2018?


The rates of pay for tradesmen in the UK vary every year, with the latest figures for 2017 From the Office of National Statistics (ONS) shows that electricians earn more than other trades, just like they did in the years before. The hourly rate for tradesmen such as carpenters, bricklayers, joiners, construction laborers, painters and decorators, builders, plasterers and more varies by years of experience, area, and certification. Furthermore, the values posted here are only an average, and as such should be treated as general rather than literal figures. Actual figures are decided at the discretion of the contractor if self-employed.

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What is the hourly wage for various types of placement in the UK?

According to the latest statistics from the ONS, a carpenter in the UK earns £11.97 per hour on a national average. A bricklayer’s hourly rate is an average of £12.83, whereas a joiner can expect to earn £11.75 per hour. Construction laborers are making slightly less at just £8.05 per hour, and a painter or decorated brings home an average of £12.26 per hour. Plasterers and builders have similar wages with an hourly rate of £12.10 and £11.90 per hour respectively.

According to data from the Office for National Statistics, the average electrician salary in the UK is £30,765 per year. Electricians are closely followed by plumbers, who earn an average of £29,136, and carpenters who can expect to bring home £25,729 every year. Bricklayers and tilers earn an average of £25,098, whereas plasterers take home £23,529 per annum.


Tradesman day rates 2017/2018

The UK average daily rates for the some of the more popular trades include:

  • Carpenters: £120 – £150
  • Bricklayer:  £155
  • Labourer: £100 – £160
  • Electricians: £150 – £200
  • Plumbers: £150 – £200
  • Builders: £120 – £200

How does the pay rate for tradesmen vary?

Even though national statistics offer annual salaries for various types of tradesmen in the UK, the reality for many is different than the picture painted by these figures. Most of the tradesmen that are working in people’s homes in the UK generally charge a day rate or fixed rate for particular jobs, and many of them are working on a self-employed basis. This means that their job is not a guaranteed one, so their earnings fluctuate from one year to another. As such, it is quite difficult to gauge just how much tradesmen earn exactly as there are no statistics available on a national level for this.

Day rates vary significantly from one placement to another and from location to location across the United Kingdom. For example, an experienced electrician or plumber in London will most likely charge up to £300 pounds per day, whereas a junior or apprentice electrician in Northern England is likely to earn far less in comparison. The same goes for most categories of tradesmen, whether they have their own business or they are working for companies.

Most tradesmen start out as apprentices, and this category of people often earns below the minimum wage. When they complete their training and get their technical certificates where these are required, tradesmen can start earning a higher salary.

With such a variety of ways to be employed in the UK, it’s hard to say specifically how much a tradesman can or should earn. As with any career, working hard and delivering good quality work it essential for building a reputation that may allow tradesmen to earn a decent salary and have a high job satisfaction.

Tradesman day Rates

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