Why do you need Kitchen Designer’s Insurance?

Why do you need Kitchen Designer’s Insurance?


It can be tempting to wonder whether you actually need kitchen designer’s insurance, particularly as you are only designing the kitchens and someone else is doing the actual installations.

However, if there is something wrong with your design you could find that you’re facing a compensation claim for professional negligence. A defect in a design for a commercial kitchen could result in a claim being made against you because your client has lost revenue as a result. Professional indemnity insurance covers such claims.

Additionally, you could be facing a compensation claim because you accidentally injured someone or damaged their property during a consultation. Public liability insurance handles this type of situation.

Although these are the two main insurances covers that a kitchen designer needs, kitchen designer’s insurance can also be extended to cover a number of other risks, including loss or damage to your computers and other property by accidental damage or theft, loss of income due to an injury or sickness and unexpected legal expenses.

Professional indemnity insurance

We all make mistakes and sometimes even the smallest oversight can lead to big problems.

As an example, if you design a kitchen for a restaurant and the kitchen cannot be used because it does not comply with the regulations, that restaurant will not be able to trade and they will make a claim against you for their lost revenue.

Professional indemnity insurance protects you from this sort of claim. It also covers the legal fees arising from handling the claim.

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Public & products liability insurance

On the face of it, designing kitchens is a fairly safe occupation with relatively little potential for injuring people or damaging their property. But as with any business that involves meeting members of the public, there is a risk of compensation claims being made against you.

Something as simple as spilling a mug of coffee onto a client’s carpet or furniture could result in a claim for the item to be cleaned or replaced. If someone tripped over your briefcase, it could result in an injury and compensation claims for injuries can be costly to settle. Even something relatively minor like a broken wrist results in compensation in the region of £20,000 and serious injuries can result in compensation awards in the region of £250,000.

Public liability insurance covers such claims. Like professional indemnity insurance, it also covers the legal costs incurred.

Other types of insurance

As mentioned, kitchen designer’s insurance can be extended to protect you from unexpected losses caused by other risks.

You probably rely on computers to do your designs, for instance, so it’s important to insure those against accidental damage or theft so that if the worst happens, you know that your computers will be either repaired or replaced quickly so you can get back to designing kitchens.

If you employ anyone, perhaps as a personal assistant, employer’s liability insurance is a legal requirement. Kitchen designer’s insurance can be extended to include this type of insurance.

There are a number of other optional covers that can be added, such as personal accident & sickness insurance which replaces your income if you are unable to work due to an injury or an illness, and legal expenses insurance which protects you from unexpected legal fees if legal action is taken against you.

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