Welding Insurance

Welders Insurance

Welding insurance with public liability cover

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Welding insurance automatically gives you public liability cover. This safeguards your business should customers, members of the public, or suppliers suffer any personal injury or property damage due to your company’s actions. These scenarios could see you facing legal action, and having to pay massive fees to defend your business. But with good public liability insurance, you needn’t worry, as insurers will cover any legal expenses or compensation claims against your organisation on your behalf. 

To ensure you receive the best possible cover for the most affordable price, you’ll find everything you may possibly need in your policy, including: 


    • Public & Products Liability up to £5 million
    • Employers Liability at £10 million
    • Contractors All Risks Insurance which provides cover for 
      • Contract Works
      • Owned Plant
      • Hired-in Plant
      • Employees’ Tools
    • Essential Legal Expenses at £100,000
Welding Insurance

What is welding insurance?

Working as a welder is a uniquely dangerous job, since it quite literally involves playing with fire. You can easily hurt yourself, or harm staff and members of the public, while you may even accidentally cause property damage. All of these scenarios could result in expensive claims against you, which is where insurance comes in handy. With Tradesman Saver’s welding insurance, you will be safeguarded from any financial damage these claims could have on your business, no matter the circumstances. 

Why do you need welding insurance?

While owning a welding business is undoubtedly a lucrative venture, its dangers are obvious. Even with comprehensive safety training, you could accidentally cause a fire at a customer’s premises, badly burn or electrocute yourself, or breathe in dangerous fumes. Your workers will also be exposed to the same risks, and could claim compensation if you’re deemed responsible for any harm they endure in the workplace. Welding insurance will offer protection against any claims made against you by customers or employees, while also covering you if you are unable to work as a result of any injuries. All of these costs will be taken care of by us, not you. Customise your policy using the online quote form to secure a tailor-made insurance package. 

Welding Insurance

How our welders insurance works

Compare Quotes Provided by Brisco Business
Compare Quotes Provided by Brisco Business

How much does welding insurance cost?

The final cost of your welding insurance policy depends on aspects such as your company’s level of experience, how many employees you have, and the size of the projects you undertake, as well as the covers you choose and how many.

How long does welding insurance last?

The majority of welding policies are valid for one year with the option to be renewed annually. If you ever need to make a claim on your policy, you’ll have to prove that you were covered at the time of the incident. As such, it’s imperative that you hold onto your insurance documents.

What additional insurance do I need for welding?

If you employ people as part of your welding business, employer’s liability is required by law. Should you ever become unable to work, personal accident insurance can also be a lifesaver, as it will tide you over financially until your return. Another useful policy is equipment & tools insurance, which provides financial protection against theft and damage to your tools.

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