steeplejack insurance

Steeplejacks Insurance

Steeplejacks insurance with public liability.

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Getting steeplejacks insurance with Tradesman Saver automatically gives you public liability cover. This protects your company if your work injures customers, a member of the public, or suppliers, or caused damage to any property. For example, you could drop a hammer or a drill that smashes through somebody’s car window. A situation like this could lead to legal action being taken against you, leaving you facing huge fees to defend your business. However, our public liability insurance will protect your company by covering any legal expenses or compensation claims you’d otherwise have to pay.

To ensure you receive the best possible cover for the most affordable price, you’ll find everything you may possibly need in your policy, including: 


    • Public & Products Liability up to £5 million
    • Employers Liability at £10 million
    • Contractors All Risks Insurance which provides cover for 
      • Contract Works
      • Owned Plant
      • Hired-in Plant
      • Employees’ Tools
    • Essential Legal Expenses at £100,000
steeplejack insurance

What is steeplejacks insurance?

Being a steeplejack quite literally comes with many highs, but any accidents can also bring about significant lows. Working from such is dangerous, and while safety procedures have improved significantly over the years, one small mistake could put you or others in peril. Ordinarily, you’d have to pick up the bill if somebody made a claim against you, potentially causing irreparable financial damage to your company. But with Tradesman Saver’s steeplejacks insurance policy, we’ll take care of everything for you.

Why do you need steeplejacks insurance?

Falling from a height is one of the main causes of workplace injuries or fatalities in the UK, which is why working as a steeplejack is a highly dangerous job. You, and any of your employees, are always at risk of a fall, especially as you regularly work atop old and unstable structures. But it’s not just you or your employees who could be harmed—for instance, your tools could fall and accidentally injure a member of the public, or cause damage to their property. Having steeplejacks insurance will protect you in these instances, ensuring you won’t have to cover the cost of claims made against you. Create a customised policy today using our online quote form.

steeplejack insurance

How our steeplejacks insurance works

Compare Quotes Provided by Brisco Business
Compare Quotes Provided by Brisco Business

How much is steeplejacks insurance?

The final cost of your insurance is determined by aspects like your company’s experience, whether you employ others, and how risky your work is. The number of additional covers you might need will also contribute to the policy’s price.

How long does steeplejacks insurance last?

Generally speaking, all policies are valid for a year, and can be renewed on an annual basis. Should you ever have to make a claim on the policy, you’ll need to prove that you were covered when the incident occurred. It’s vital you keep all of your insurance documentation safe.

Is steeplejacks insurance a legal requirement?

Having a valid employer’s liability policy is a legal requirement if you employ others. While you’re not legally obligated to have any other types of cover, these can not only keep your business safe, but also help you secure customers. This is because many prospective clients won’t work with somebody who doesn’t have adequate insurance in place.

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